After evaluation, Five Flags Speedway officials have further defined the clause concerning the social media policy for credentialed media members at the 49th Annual Snowball Derby.


The updated clause, which reads similar to a policy adapted by another well-recognized sports’ governing body, reads as follows:


“A credentialed media member may blog or provide updates via social media during the 49th Annual Snowball Derby, provided that such posts do not produce in any form a “real-time” description of events from green flag to checkered flag (i.e., any simulation or display of any kind that replicates or constitutes lap-by-lap of a material portion of the event, other than periodic running orders, statistics or other brief descriptions of the event) as determined by Five Flags Speedway in its sole discretion.  If Five Flags Speedway deems that the credentialed media member is producing a real-time description of the race, Five Flags Speedway reserves all actions against the credentialed media member, including but not limited to the revocation of the credential.”


The redefined policy will be in effect during green flag to checkered flag racing action only.


Five Flags Speedway officials welcome all media to Pensacola, Florida to cover the 49th Annual Snowball Derby.  Media members are encouraged to cover the event pre-race, post-race and with periodic updates during green flag racing.


“Each year we welcome with open arms racing journalists and media members to the Snowball Derby weekend and we’re always grateful for both their pre-race, and post-race coverage,” said Tim Bryant, Promoter of Five Flags Speedway and the Snowball Derby.  “The flag-to-flag coverage provided by has been a huge hit with our fans and in recent years, the 51 TV broadcast option has been well received also.  51 Sports has played a large role in helping to grow this event.  They are our digital media and video partner and deserve some exclusivity for their efforts.”, the official news site of the Snowball Derby, is planning on increasing its coverage, including on Twitter, to keep racing fans from all over the world informed about the events.  The company, which began in 2001, has purchased the live digital media rights for the Snowball Derby.  As the digital media and video partner of the event, will have its own, free, live blog-style coverage of the event (Trackside Now) on the site itself, and have coverage on Twitter and Facebook as well.  With this, and the pre-race and post-race stories other media members will create, there will be no shortage of Snowball Derby information for viewers to consume.


“We enjoy the Snowball Derby and is honored to have the digital and video rights to the event,” said Bob Dillner, Executive Editor.  “In 2015, we were challenged by one media member to further define what was then termed as “no lap-by-lap updates” in the media agreement. After much discussion, officials on both sides agreed to a social media clause stating posts must be 15 minute apart.  In essence, that’s every 40 to 50 laps, and this only pertained to action from green-to-checker during the event week of all races.


“We have now taken out the time clause in the amendment and only have language that pertains to play-by-play of the event.  This allows individuals in the media to talk about the event while it is happening.”


In 2015, as the official media partner of the Snowball Derby, a staff of more than 25 people at provided 53 hours of free Trackside Now coverage of the Snowball Derby. also provided 326 Tweets about the Snowball Derby on Twitter while posting over 150 updates on Facebook.  In addition, nearly 40 stories were posted on the website during the week of the Snowball Derby and the week after the event.


Fans who purchased the live pay-per-view broadcast on in 2015 found themselves enjoying 27 hours of live video during the week.


Already in 2016, the staff has posted 39 stories about the Snowball Derby with three weeks remaining until cars are on the track.


Media members interested in covering the 49th Annual Snowball Derby are encouraged to fill out the credentials form on the Five Flags Speedway website and email that form to [email protected].


For more information regarding, please contact Brandon Paul at [email protected]


-51 Sports/Snowball Derby Press Release. Photo credit: Nuttleman



Five Flags Speedway Redefines Snowball Derby Media Policy