Speed51.com has learned from Five Flags Speedway General Manager Tim Bryant that the track has been awarded $25,000 from Escambia County in an effort to  help promote the 47th Annual Snowball Derby.  The decision came after a meeting on Thursday night in Pensacola.

Bryant told Speed51.com that he now has to put the money to good use to not only help the speedway, but the community as well.  The race already has national attention with drivers from Michigan, Maine, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, and several other competing last year.

The Snowball Derby is the most prestigious Super Late Model race in the country.

Original Story by WEAR TV – The 47th Annual Snowball Derby is fast approaching.

Five Flags Speedway says around 12,000 people showed up last year for the race.

Tim Bryant, Five Flags General Manager, says to reach more fans; they’re requesting $25,000 from the county to help expand their marketing area.  “We concentrate on an area probably 150 miles outside the Pensacola area. What we want to do is go beyond that and go into some of the major markets.”

Escambia County says if any money is given it would be from the Tourist Development tax.

That’s money set aside for tourist/event related expenses, like this one. Bryant says more than 40 percent of their fans last year stayed one or more nights in a motel and spent more than $1,000 during their stay.

“Our event is growing and we don’t want to become stagnate with our event. We want to continue to add more things, more community related events.”

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Five Flags Speedway Awarded 25K by Escambia County