Shawn Amor looked to be on a Sunday cruise during the Vore’s Welding CRA Late Model Sportsman feature of the Cabin Fever Championships at Lucas Oil Raceway, but after a dominant race, Terry Fisher wound up in victory lane.


Amor lost the engine late in Sunday’s Sportsman race, essentially handing his closest competition Terry Fisher the win.


“Pretty much lucked into that one,” Fisher told powered by JEGS in victory lane.  “Amor pretty much had that wrapped up.  I was just tight off the start, and Amor was good.  Pretty much seen him break, and we lucked into that one.”


Early in the 40 lap feature, Fisher fell behind, and was more than a second off the leader.  Some patience led him to try something different.


Fisher said, “Middle of the race, tried changing my line up.  Car was really tight, I was trying to find something to run him down and I tried changing my line up, how I picked the gas up and all that, and started to run him back down, and then I think I got the right front really hot on me and it balanced out.”


Fisher was not the only driver to experience success at Lucas Oil Raceway.  Second-place finisher Thomas Hufferd was able to find success in his return to Late Model Sportsman racing.


Hufferd said, “I haven’t been behind the wheel of one of these things in two years.  It’s just an awesome feeling, we put in so much hard work this Winter.  It’s just amazing to see the fruit of our labor come together.”


He continued, saying “When I got out of it two years ago, I knew I wasn’t done with this sport, I knew I wasn’t satisfied with what I had done, and I was itching to get back.  It took us two years to finally get this team together and figure out how to do it, means the world to me.”


K.C. Spillers finished third, Jason Timmerman finished fourth, and Keith Lyons rounded out the top five.  Shawn Amor finished 11th following his engine issue.


The Vore’s Welding CRA Late Model Sportsman Powered by JEGS will continue their season April 29 and 30 at Baer Field Motorsports Park’s Spring Breakout event.


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-By: Patrick Hahe, IN, MI & OH  Editor – Twitter: @PatrickHahe_S51

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Unofficial Results

1 28c Terry Fisher
2 811 Thomas Hufford
3 38 KC Spillers
4 07 Jason Timmerman
5 78 Keith Lyons
6 8H Hope Hornish
7 5H Tyler Hufford
8 5 Reed White
9 69 RJ Norton
10 42 Jason Neal
11 28 Shawn Amor
12 51 Joe Cooksey
13 84 Steven Woods
14 73 Neil McClelland


Fisher Snags Victory at LOR After Amor Breaks Late