Fierce Battle Decides Pro Late Model Winner at Montgomery

The Show Me the Money Series returned to action Saturday night at Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL) with one of the fiercest battles in recent history.  A thrilling three-car battle over the final 20 laps saw Christopher Tullis, Jake Garcia and Giovanni Bromante trade positions several times.


Despite a handful of cautions in the closing laps, Tullis held off the two teenagers to score his first major Pro Late Model victory.  The Georgia driver has been around the Southeast Pro Late Model scene for several years now between Nashville, Montgomery, Five Flags and other facilities across the region with several near-misses.  He would finally close the deal Saturday night in his first Show Me the Money Series start since 2018.


“It feels so good to finally get one of these here,” Tullis said on the Speed51 broadcast.  “I’ve been coming here for so many years and this is such a cool deal.”


Tullis dominated much of the event before Jake Garcia and Giovanni Bromante made their presence felt in the last 20 laps.  Garcia had taken the lead with 14 to go after racing side-by-side for several laps, but another yellow gave Tullis another chance at the race win.


The two put on another side-by-side battle for several laps before Tullis was able to clear Garcia and pull away in the waning laps.


“I really enjoy racing with both of them. The No.81 (Bromante), that was just good, hard racing right there.  I’d race him like that again tomorrow.  And Jake (Garcia), he’s really good around here.  I don’t know what it is, something just clicks for him.  He was giving me all I had, I was running for my life there in the last ten.”


Garica, the 2020 Alabama 200 winner, rebounded from a poor qualifying run to give himself a chance at two in a row to start the Show Me the Money Series season.  While his efforts were shown with a runner-up finish, the 15-year-old passed more cars than anyone else during his march to the front.


“I started 15th, I didn’t do a good job in qualifying.  I passed a few cars on the initial start and slowly made my way up there and rode in eighth,” Garcia told Speed51.  “I was battling Tullis for the lead, he did a really good job there keeping his car straight.  I cleared him at one point but the yellow came out on the next straightway.  That’s the way it goes sometimes.”


NASCAR Drive for Diversity participant Perry Patino was able to sneak by Bromante to take the final podium spot in the closing laps. Modifieds of Mayhem standout Jim Wall rounded out the top five.


Fans can watch a replay of Saturday night’s Show Me the Money Series event at Montgomery Motor Speedway on Speed51 by clicking here.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Speed51 / Tiffany Swisher


Show Me the Money Series – MidSummer Classic 100 Results:

  1. Christopher Tullis
  2. Jake Garcia
  3. Perry Patino
  4. Giovanni Bromante
  5. Jim Wall
  6. Kyle Plott
  7. Grant Thompson
  8. Daniel Dye
  9. John Bolen
  10. JoJo Wilkinson
  11. Gage Rodgers
  12. Billy Melvin
  13. Chase Johnson
  14. Brandon Brilliant
  15. Bobby Reuse
  16. Jeff Dawkins
  17. Colin Allman
  18. Justin Caton
  19. Harrison Halder
  20. Jordan McCallum
  21. Ryan Paul
  22. Hunter Wright
  23. Justin South
  24. Jason Furrow
  25. Jim Weber
  26. Chris Davidson
  27. Bill Bethea
  28. Brandon Curren

Fierce Battle Decides Pro Late Model Winner at Montgomery