Carnesville, GA — The FASTRAK teams came to Stan Lester two years ago with an idea of grooving and siping the FT400 tire to make it more user friendly. As normal Lester met with all the drivers, took a vote and the rule was implemented. It’s true the FT200 and FT400 crate spec tire made for FASTRAK by Hoosier Racing Tire, was shall we say “too far apart” from one another. It was more of an either or, simply based on when the FT400 was truly usable.


Lester and Shannon Rush had both heard the same thing from teams so they set out to introduce a newly compounded FT400 that would not have to be grooved and siped but would also come in faster making it more user friendly.


“Our FT400 tire sales were up tremendously in 2018,” said Lester, “and in the long run, that’s not good for business when it cost teams more to race. So, in working with Shannon, they came up with what we truly believe will be a hard tire, but much more competitive.”


This was discussed with the teams this past weekend and all voted and agreed on a May 1st burn off for the grooved and siped FT400 tires currently on the market. The newly compounded tires will be legal right from the beginning however, but again the old FT400 that’s grooved and siped will have a May 1st burn off period.


“I cannot wait to see this new tire perform,” said DJ Irvine Vice President of FASTRAK, “Listening to Stan and what the tire is made of and the new sidewall, I think it’s going to be an excellent product for our teams. Anytime you can have even more competitive racing and use less tires, that has to be good for racing.”


The new FT400 is available now at your local Hoosier Distributors.


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-FASTRAK Racing Press Release

FASTRAK to Introduce Newly Compounded Tire for 2019