Carnesville, GA – DJ Irvine, announced as Executive Vice President of FASTRAK Companies International, announced a change to the FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship and the 2019 FASTRAK World Challenge at the Night of Champions banquet in Kingsport, TN on January 19th. In 2019 the FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship will pay $5,000 to win and pay through the top ten in points. With the new format of the FASTRAK World Challenge, drivers will have the opportunity to win a possible $17,000 for the National Championship.


Drivers competing for the 2019 FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship will use their best 15 finishes throughout the season. Points begin on April 5th and end on Labor Day, September 2nd.


The 2019 FASTRAK World Challenge, which will be held at Beckley Motorsports Park, will be a two-day event paying $2,000 to win on Friday and $5,000 to win on Saturday. Additionally, the top ten in points through the two races will be paid a $5,000 to win points fund for the 2019 FASTRAK World Championship.


“What we’ve done is taken half of the National Weekly Point Fund and moved it to 2019 FASTRAK World Championship,” said Irvine, “We haven’t removed any point fund money, but rather going to make the drivers work for it a little bit more. If a driver wins the National points, wins both Friday and Saturday at Beckley, then they will take home a total of $17,000 for the season in Championship money.”


After consideration for the anticipated turn-out for the $50,000 to win, $2,050 to start 2019 FASTRAK World Championship on September 13th and 14th at Virginia Motor Speedway, it was announced that the World Challenge would be moved to a new venue. With the move, it gave FASTRAK the opportunity to tweak the format for the benefit of the drivers and create a highly anticipated event for the fans.


“This brings another level of excitement to a completely revamped FASTRAK World Challenge,” stated Irvine, “We made the decision to move the World Challenge away from the FASTRAK World Championship weekend and to a new venue, as we anticipate a large turn-out for the $50,000 to win race. This also gave us the opportunity to change the format of the World Challenge, which in years past was a members-only $5,000 to win race.”


The 2019 FASTRAK World Challenge will still be a members-only event, in which drivers must compete in a minimum of ten FASTRAK sanctioned races to be eligible. Races will only count for members once they have submitted their membership to FASTRAK. The number of races required could be adjusted, based on the number of rain-outs across all FASTRAK sanctioned race tracks.


“We came up with a formula last year, based on the percentage of rain outs across all of our weekly tracks, to adjust the number of races required to be eligible for the FASTRAK World Challenge,” continued Irvine, “Any change to the number will be announced in mid-July, which will give drivers roughly a month to reach the number of required races.”


Full purse for Night 1 of 2019 FASTRAK World Challenge

1) $2,000; 2) $1,000; 3) $700; 4) $600; 5) $500; 6) $450; 7) $400; 8) $375; 9) $350; 10) $325; 11) $315; 12) $300; 13) $275; 14) $265; 15-24) $250


Full purse for Night 2 of 2019 FASTRAK World Challenge
1) $5,000; 2) $2,500; 3) $1,250; 4) $800; 5) $675; 6) $625; 7) $575; 8) $500; 9) $475; 10) $450; 11) $425; 12) $375; 13) $350; 14) $325; 15) $320; 16) $310; 17-24) $300


Points Fund for 2019 FASTRAK World Challenge
1) $5,000; 2) $2,500; 3) $1,250; 4) $750; 5) $625; 6) $500; 7) $450; 8) $400; 9) $350; 10) $300


Points Fund for 2019 VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Championship
1) $5,000; 2) $2,500; 3) $1,250; 4) $750; 5) $625; 6) $500; 7) $450; 8) $400; 9) $350; 10) $300


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FASTRAK Announces Changes to Weekly Championship and World Challenge