Wiscasset Speedway celebrated its forty-fifth birthday on Saturday.  A ceremony during half time introduced some of Wiscasset’s great drivers from the past including Teddy Palino, Dick Giles, Dick Williams, Bill Bailey, JC Marsh, Dale Chadbourne, and Pete Silva.  The weather was beautiful and sunny, and when the day cooled and evening came around the bright lights of Wiscasset lit the track.  The grandstands were jammed with fans, and they enjoyed giveaways, fireworks, celebration cake, and some great racing action.  On the schedule for the evening were Group One racing divisions, including Outlaw Mini’s, Prostocks, New England Four Cylinder Prostocks, and Napa Super Streets.

The spotlighted feature of the week was a thirty-five lap Napa Super Street race.  Starting on the pole was the #1 of Adam Chadbourne.  Last time out on the track, Chadbourne flipped his car coming out of turn four, landing upside down against the front wall, due to a broken tie rod end.  Chadbourne said prior to race time it had taken two weeks to repair the damage with crews working around the clock.  The whole front end was rebuilt, and a new engine was installed.

Behind Chadbourne were the #48 of Dan Nessmith and the #8 of Kevin Morse.  During lap five the #05 of James Osmond passed Morse on the outside of the front stretch for third.  Then, the #2 of Josh Bailey passed Osmond during lap eight for third on the inside of turn four.

Nessmith slowed on the back stretch during lap fourteen and Bailey took advantage of the opportunity and passed for second.  The following lap, Osmond was also able to pass Nessmith on turn two for third.

There was a caution called with only eight laps to go.  On the ensuing restart, Bailey and Osmond battled side by side for second.  Then, during lap twenty-eight, Osmond pulled ahead of Bailey and clinched second.

Chadbourne had been watching the action from his rear view mirror, but everything changed during lap thirty.  Chadbourne’s car developed a mechanical problem.  Chadbourne’s car faltered on the track.  Osmond moved to first.  Bailey moved to second.  Nessmith moved to third.  Chadbourne’s newly refurbished car headed to the pits.  Race leaders remained constant to the finish.

This was Osmond’s second top place finish this season in Napa Super Streets, and his sixth top five finish.  Coming intoSaturday’s race, Osmond was second in points with 370.  Chadbourne was first in points with 374.  Third in points was Nessmith with 326.

Post-race Osmond said, “It felt good moving from the back up to the front and ending up with the win.  Congratulations to the rest of my team for all finishing in the top four.  I would like to thank my sponsors: Paul Garber Construction, Red’s Eats, and Possibilities Salon.”

An action packed New England Four Cylinder Prostock feature was next.  Thirteen cars hit the track for a twenty-five lap race.  Starting on the pole was the #8 of Craig Dunn.  Jerry Bailey of the #7 and Bob Patten of the #14 were behind him.  After the green flag flew, Bob Patten passed Jerry Bailey for second on the inside of turn two.  Bob Patten and Jerry Bailey battled for second place through lap five, when Jerry Bailey passed Bob Patten for second on the outside of turn two.

The #24 of Jeff Prindall passed Bob Patten for third on the inside of turn two during lap seven.  However, Prindall got loose on the track during lap thirteen and the #98 of Kamren Knowles passed Prindall for third.

Starting at the back of the pack this week was the #38 of Ryan Hayes.  Hayes was feature winner when last on the track.  Hayes had been advancing up the track, and during lap fourteen Hayes passed Kamren Knowles on the inside for third.

There was a caution during lap fifteen.  A chaotic restart resulted in some leader changes.  Dunn maintained the lead.  Hayes moved to second.  Bob Patten moved to third.  The #12 of Dave Patten passed Bob Patten during lap sixteen to claim third.  Then, during lap twenty, Hayes headed to the inside and passed Dunn for the lead.  Lap twenty-two say Kamren Knowles pass Dave Patten on the inside of the back stretch for third.  There were no other leader changes.

Hayes claimed first.  This was Hayes sixth top five finish of the season, and his second win. Hayes was fifth in points coming into the race with 300 points.  Dunn placed second.  Dunn was third in points coming into Saturday’s race with 312 points.  Kamren Knowles placed third.  Knowles was point leader coming into the race with 366 points.  Second in points was Jeff Prindall with 356.

Hayes said, “We did good.  It was an awesome race.  I didn’t know if I could pick my way through.  But, we were patient and picked them off one at a time.  I was getting worried at the end if we could nudge Craig out of there.  Then, as soon as I got by him, I knew I could hold him off after that.  I want to thank my Uncle, parents, all the people that help me in the pit: Jerry, Meaghan, Paige, Todd, and Drew.  I also want to thank my sponsor All Season Automotive.”

A quick and exciting twenty-five lap Outlaw Mini feature was next on the agenda.  Starting at the pole was the #14 of Matt Moore.  Behind him were the #8 of Calvin Rose Jr and the #13 of Nate Tribbet.    Rose passed Matt Moore during lap two on the outside of turn two for the lead.  Rose gained a commanding lead and watched the pack try to catch up out of his rear view mirror.

It was not until lap eighteen that the first leader change occurred.  The #20 of Shawn Kimball passed Nate Tribbet for third.  Then, during lap twenty, the cars went three wide on the track on turn one and there was a jumble that sent Nate Tribbet into the wall.   On the restart cars get tangled on the back stretch.  The #10 of Jimmy Childs and Matt Moore made contact and both get sent to the back.  Childs went to the pits, but returned to limp around the track through the finish.  When racing action resumed, Rose was race leader.  In second was Kimball.  In third was the #12 of Darrell Moore.

During lap twenty-two Kimball’s right rear tire went flat sending him into a spin at the entrance to pit row.  This brought Darrell Moore to second and the #2 of Rob Greenleaf to third.  On the restart, Darrell Moore passed Rose for the lead.  However, Rose fought back and took back the lead, racing under the checkered in first.  Darrell Moore placed second.  Rounding out the top three was Rob Greenleaf.  This was Rose’s second first place finish in the Outlaw Mini’s this season.  Coming into the race, Rose was fifth in points with 244.  First in points was Jimmy Childs with 360 points.  Second in points was Kimball with 332.

A thirty lap Prostock race provided excitement for the crowd.  This high energy race started with the #15 of Nick Hinkley on the pole.  The #25 of Will Collins and the #19 of John Rideout were behind him.  Off the start, Rideout passed Collins and advanced to second.  The cars were racing in a pack, equally matched, all vying for position.

Moving up from his tenth starting place was the #21 of Kevin Douglass.  Douglass moved up beside Collins during lap twenty.  Douglass passed Collins on turn four during lap twenty-one for third.  Douglass then looked for his opportunity to pass Rideout for second.  His chance came during lap twenty-three and he moved to the outside and passed on turn two, securing second.

With only two laps remaining, the #77 of Maggie Ferland spun alone on the track causing a caution.  When racing action resumed, Rideout hugged the bottom of the track and passed Douglass for second.  Coming up from behind was the #15X of Scott Chubbuck.  Chubbuck passed Douglass for third during lap twenty-four.  Hinkley maintained his lead and drove his Greg’s Used Cars racecar under the checkered in first.  Rideout placed second.  Chubbuck placed third.  This is Hinkley’s third win in the Prostock division this year, and his sixth top five finish.  Hinkley was third in points coming into the race with 350 points.  First in points was Mike Orr with 372.  Second in points was Bill Penfold with 368.

Post-race Hinkley said, “The car was good.  I expected to see the other 15 car take me down.  He used to race for my father.  They won 72 races in ten years, so they were competitive.  I want to thank my sponsors ideal Portable Toilets and The Galley.  I also want to thank my father, Thomas, Scott, Allen, Joey, Craig, Willie, Colton, and Brent.”

Wiscasset Speedway resumes racing action, August 2, 2014 with its group two lineup of divisions: Late Model Sportsman, Strictly Street, Thunder 4’s and Mini Trucks.  The flex race of the week is a Modified Exhibition.  Pit gates open at 2:00 PM.  Grandstand gates open at 4:00 PM.  Racing begins at 6:00 PM.  Admission is $5.00 for adults and children aged seven and older.  Kids six and under are free.  Pit admission is $20.00.  Race fans and drivers can also now purchase their favorite pictures from not only this season, but from season’s past, at Peter Taylor’s (the track photographer) website:www.petespicks.smugmug.com.   Wiscasset Speedway is located on West Alna Road in Wiscasset.  For more information, head to the Wiscasset Speedway website at www.wiscassetspeedway.com.

-Wiscasset Speedway Press Release. Photo Credit: Pete’s Picks

Fans Pack Wiscasset Stands for 45th Birthday Celebration