Evernham Reflects on Inaugural SRX Season

Ray Evernham and Tony Stewart turned the motorsports world on its head when they announced the creation of the Camping World SRX Series.  Some of racing’s all-time best from multiple disciplines came together for a six-week schedule at some of the premier short tracks across the country on national television.


And the inaugural season did not disappoint.

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The series saw five different winners during the six-race schedule with storylines aplenty.  For Evernham, the first season of SRX far exceeded what he was expecting going into the opener at Stafford Motor Speedway.


“For us, on the competition side, to be able to get it done with the crew on the competition side getting cars built was amazing.  Handling the work week to week and putting on a show that the fans like, that the drivers like,” Evernham said on “The Bullring.”  “That far exceeded our expectations because we didn’t know what to expect.”


It has been success that Evernham and the SRX crew have yet to fully digest just two weeks following the season finale at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.  He says work for the 2022 season has already started, with plans for the second year being just as big, if not bigger than the first.

What we were able to accomplish and the accolades we received from the fans and the racetracks.  You’re talking about 1.4 million viewers every week on average.  I don’t think we’ve really had a chance to sit and digest it yet because you’re on to the next thing.  What are we going to do with the cars, what drivers, what tracks, all those things.  In reality, I think it’s something that people will look at for a long time and think okay, we had this crazy idea of motorsports entertainment and it worked. – Ray Evernham

It wasn’t just the on-track product that has Evernham proud of what the series was able to accomplish.  It took a whole team of people to ensure every car was at the track and ready for racing week in and week out, all while growing together in what was a new role for several people.


“What was really neat about it was watching the team get better week after week and watching the young people, some of them with not a lot of experience, really gelling together and coming up with systems and things on their own.  I told them that would change them, the six or seven weeks in a row we did.  They would look back on that moment in their life and say that really changed me, it really changed my confidence and my level of concentration to get things done efficiently.  I’m just as proud of that as anything.


“I thought overall the cars were pretty darn good for as quickly as we had to build them and put them together.  We may make the bodies a little bit different.  The people at Advanced Composite Products did an amazing job with getting everything done as quick as we wanted.  We’ll probably make the bodies a little bit more flexible.  There may be some color choices we redo for next year.  They ran really good on dirt, on pavement.  They did what they were supposed to do.”


New ideas are in the works for the second SRX season, which may include some new tracks.  He mentioned a road-course type track that could be put on the schedule for 2022, one that could either be an established facility or a track that’s modified.


“We absolutely like to put some right, left, shift, brake tracks in there, whether it’s some shortened road course or some track that we modify.  I don’t want to use the term “roval” either but something that we modify for Formula 1 guys, Trans-Am guys, something like that.”


However, Evernham says there is at least one thing that will stay the same next season – the schedule will remain at just six races.


“I don’t really see any reason to expand it, I think the six-week deal is a pretty good package for CBS and for the drivers.  Doing it six weeks in a row is pretty tough, especially with running at six different tracks around the country.  We’re not really trying to be a series, we’re trying to be a good, entertaining motorsports television show.”


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo

Evernham Reflects on Inaugural SRX Season