Monroe, WA: The three day $100,000.00 Third Annual Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light at Evergreen Speedway did all it was intended to do and more. It was designed to bring together many of North America’s Super Late Model drivers young, old, male and female. Fifty-four drivers were on hand to be challenged by Evergreen’s BIG track, the 5/8-mile paved oval. The drivers represented 8 US States and two Provinces of Canada. In turn the fans showed their support by turning out in droves. The weather Gods supported the event with only a few showers during the three days. It gave Evergreen Speedway, the largest NASCAR weekly short track west of the Mississippi, a chance to show the country that it is the ‘Super Speedway of the West’. Canada’s Cameron Hayley came and he conquered by winning the $20,000.00 winner’s check plus was the Don Scriver Memorial Fast Time recipient of $1,000.00 by setting fast time and a new track record of :22.002, over 114mph. In addition on Thursday June 26 while everyone else was practicing their racing skills in Monroe, WA, Hayley was home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada graduating from Bishop Carroll High School.Hayley led the entire 200-laps of the Saturday night Summer Showdown. The young 17 year old also led all of his 25-lap Qualifying Heat Race on Friday night. A total of $21,000.00 was quite the graduation gift he gave himself. In 2013 Cameron was one of ten drivers to be included in NASCAR’s Next. The NASCAR Next is an initiative to help spotlight NASCAR’s rising stars – and bolster fan recognition around talent that will grow into NASCAR Sprint Cup Series mainstays.

The challenges for Hayley during the 200 laps were many. On each of the six restarts due to yellow flags he had to start side by side with his closest pursuer for the lead. Withstanding each of those challenges, the other was tire wear. At the halfway break to take on new tires Hayley said during a brief interview “I thought I had a right front flat then a left rear flat, I even thought they were all flat when I came in”. With the new tires in the second half Hayley stayed out front. With a late caution coming out on lap 196 there was to be one more double file re-start. This one had the 2012 Summer Showdown winner fellow Canadian Pete Harding (Surrey, BC) on the inside of the front row, as Hayley had chosen the outside. In row two was veteran Garrett Evans (E. Wenatchee, WA). The rules called for five green flag laps to end the race. On the re-start at lap 200 Hayley made a strong run into turn one and held back Harding. Harding lost second to Evans. Evans made a strong effort to catch Hayley in the last four laps but finished second by :0.634 seconds. Harding was third. Youth vs age and youth won this time. Harding and Evans both have strong racing credentials that they have garnered throughout their respective racing careers.

Side Bar: Hayley will be back at Evergreen on August 16 with his Cabinets by Hayley K&N Pro Series West car for the NAPA Auto Parts K&N Pro Series West 150. Wanting to take his Super Late Model to the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida the first weekend of December, Hayley said, “The $20,000.00 will sure help in getting us there”.

Rob Angus had a wild ride in the Last Chance race as he barrel rolled twice down the backstretch inside wall. He walked away. (Steve Heeb/Inside Track Magazine photo)

Rob Angus had a wild ride in the Last Chance race as he barrel rolled twice down the backstretch inside wall. He walked away. (Steve Heeb/Inside Track Magazine photo)

In Saturday’s 50-lap Last Chance Shootout presented by Epic Firearms, 8 cars qualified to move up to the 36-car Summer Showdown 200. That race was won by Daniel Moore (Spokane, WA). Ron Eaton (Tacoma, WA) finished second with Zack Beaman (Yakima, WA) third. John Zaretzke (Snohomish, WA), Jason Gilbert (Pleasanton, CA), Korbin Thomas (White Rock, BC), Doni Wanat (Woodinville, WA) and Peter Link (North Bend, WA) all moved up to the Showdown. Of this group young Zack Beaman, who started 31st, finished the highest in the Showdown at fifth.

The youngest driver to start the Summer Showdown 200 was 16-year old Nicole Behar (Otis Orchards, WA). One of the record four women to enter the event. It was Behar’s first time at Evergreen and was the only woman to make the 200 and did so via her strong 15th quick qualifying effort. Behar finished a very respectable 12th on the lead lap. Nicole will return to Evergreen’s 5/8-mile on August 16 with her new NASCAR K&N Pro Series West car for the NAPA Auto Parts 150.

Friday’s racing included the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stock and Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stock Divisions in 30 lap mains on the BIG track. The Street Stock main was won by Jason McQuinn with Chad Fitzpatrick second and Joe Kneeland third. The Mini-Stock winner was Josh Ingram followed by Trenton Moriarity and Andrew Schukar. The four qualifying heat races for the Summer Showdown were also on Friday, with the top six from each race moving into the Saturday’s Summer Showdown 200. The other four were added from the fastest from earlier qualifying that did not get in via their heat race. Hayley won race #1. Race #2 was won by Jim Pettit (Prunedale, CA), Race #3 Jason Fraser (Snohomish, WA) and Race #4 Owen Riddle (Naches, WA).

On Saturday the traveling Pro 4 Alliance Series ran a 40-lap main on the BIG Track. The winner was Eddie Secord (Oak hills, CA). Second went to Bud Rumsey (Prosser, WA) and third was Tobey Becker (Highland, CA).

Next Up: The July 4th USA Birthday Bash featuring Mr. Dizzy Stunts, Boat Races, Outlaw Figure 8, Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8, Interstate Batteries Hornets, Renegade 8’s, Big Car Demo Derby and Fireworks. Start time is 6pm with grandstand gates opening at 3pm.

Evergreen Speedway Summer Showdown Weekend Results:

Friday June 27:

Don Scriver Memorial Fast Time Award ($1,000.00): Cameron Hayley – :22.002 NTR

Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks (30-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Jason McQuinn, 2. Chad Fitzpatrick, 3. Joe Kneeland, 4. Roger Drake, 5. Darrell Lutovsky, 6. Mike Marthaller, 7. Kenny Erickson, 8. Brent Rohrer, 9. Zach Bristol, 10. Jim Foti, 11. Kevin Compton, 12. Steve Kunz, 13. Duane Schoesbeck, 14. Steve Ptacek, 15. Casey Merrill

Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks (30-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Josh Ingram, 2. Trenton Moriarity, 3. Andrew Schukar, 4. Dale Creager, 5. Devin Kessler, 6. Mark Creager, 7. Bobby DeYoung, 8. Nat Barber, 9. Scott Burby, 10. Chuck Richard, 11. Rod Helmuth, 12. Kyle Schukar, 13. Travis Woodward, 14. Aaron Flett, 15. Doug Hinds, 16. Ryan Rasmussen, 17. Brad Thomas, 18. Kevin Larson

Summer Showdown Qualifying Heat Race #1 (25-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Cameron Hayley (Calgary, Alb., Canada), 2. Eric Schmidt (Roseville, CA), 3. Pete Harding (Surrey, BC, Canada), 4. Tyler Tanner (Auburn, WA), 5. Brent Harris (Wenatchee, WA), 6. Jason Kooy (Monroe, WA), 7. Daniel Moore (Spokane, WA), 8. Nicole Behar (Otis Orchards, WA), 9. Mike Holden (Snohomish, WA), 10. Jason Gilbert (Pleasanton, CA), 11. Zack Beaman (Yakima, WA), 12. John Lathrop Jr. (Puyallup, WA), 13. Dave Garber (Spokane, WA)

Summer Showdown Qualifying Heat Race #2 (25-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Jim Pettit II (Prunedale, CA), 2. Shelby Thompson (Spokane, WA), 3. Jay Sauls (Puyallup, WA), 4. Shane Mitchell (Orondo, WA), 5. Tayler Riddle (Naches, WA), 6. Trevor Emond (Leduc, Alb., Canada), 7. Mark Sundberg (Seattle, WA), 8. Andy Sole (Marysville, WA), 9. Braeden Havens (Spokane, WA), 10. Rob Angus (Langley, BC, Canada), 11. Peter Link (North Bend, WA), 12. Will Hunholz (Vail, AZ), 13. Dave Miller (Coquille, OR)

Summer Showdown Qualifying Heat Race #3 (25-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Jason Fraser (Snohomish, WA), 2. Gary Lewis (Snohomish, WA), 3. John Bender (Snohomish, WA), 4. Jonathan Gomez (twin Falls, ID), 5. Naima Lang (Snohomish, WA), 6. Ryan Wells (Hingham, MT), 7. Blake Williams (Spokane, WA), 8. Jessica Dana (Olympia, WA), 9. Jeff Knight (Monroe, WA), 10. Tim McDougald (Tacoma, WA), 11. Mariah McGriff (Tucson, AZ), 12. Ron Eaton (Tacoma, WA), 13. John Boyatt (Graham, WA)

Summer Showdown Qualifying Heat Race #4 (25-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Owen Riddle (Naches, WA), 2. Garrett Evans (E. Wenatchee, WA), 3. Gracin Raz (Lake Oswego, OR), 4. Kelly Mann (Monroe, WA), 5. Dustin Ash (Las Vegas, NV), 6. Mike Longton (Moxee, WA), 7. Korbin Thomas (White Rock, BC, Canada), 8. Doni Wanat (Woodinville, WA), 9. Austin Reed (Mooresville, NC), 10. Ryan Philpott (Tracy, CA), 11. Tom Sweatman (Cosmopolis, WA), 12. Tim Minister (Eatonville, WA), DNS Molly Helmuth (Seattle, WA), DNS Shane Harding (Langley, BC, Canada), DNS John Zaretzke (Snohomish, WA)

Saturday June 28:

Summer Showdown Last Chance Shootout presented by Epic Firearms of Monroe (50-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Daniel Moore, 2. Ron Eaton, 3. Zack Beaman, 4. John Zaretzke, 5. Jason Gilbert, 6. Korbin Thomas, 7. Doni Wanat, 8. Peter Link, 9. Mike Holden, 10. Jeff Knight, 11. John Lathrop Jr., 12. Mariah McGriff, 13. Austin Reed, 14. Dave Garber, 15. Rob Angus, 16. Dave Miller, 17. Andy Sole, 18. Tim McDougald, 19. Jessica Dana, 20. John Boyatt, 21. Tim Minister, 22. Will Hunholz, 23. Tom Sweatman, 24. Ryan Philpott

Pro 4 Alliance Series Main (40-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Eddie Secord, 2. Bud Rumsey, 3. Toby Becker, 4. Kayla Pittman, 5. Eric Kaas, 6. Max Schroeder, 7. Steve Thompson, 8. Charles McDonald, 9. Jerry Hayes, 10. Brendon Fries, 11. Alex Peck, 12. Johnny Rumsey, 13. Tom Pinkowsky, 14. CJ Hawley, 15. Ken Chandler, 16. Steve Catlow, 17. Jeff Raver, 18. Rick Thompson

3rd Annual Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light (200-laps 5/8-mile oval) (place – car# – name – laps completed): 1-24 Cameron Hayley 206; 2-64 Garrett Evans 206; 3-39 Pete Harding 206; 4-00 Naima Lang 206; 5-25b Zack Beaman 206; 6-73 Gary Lewis 206; 7-10r Owen Riddle 206; 8-19 Korbin Thomas 206; 9-37 Mike Longton 206; 10-15t Tayler Riddle 206; 11-99 Shane Mitchell 206; 12-33 Nicole Behar 206; 13-18p Jim Pettit II 206; 14-16w Blake Williams 205; 15-78 John Zaretzke 198; 16-83 Braeden Havens 195; 17-25 Peter Link 180; 18-05 Eric Schmidt 179; 19-65 Tyler Tanner 166; 20-26 Jason Kooy 165; 21-15g Gracin Raz 158; 22-31 Jason Fraser 157; 23-20t Shelby Thompson 141; 24-7e Ron Eaton 132; 25-17 Trevor Emond 132; 26-16 Daniel Moore 115; 27-88 Jason Gilbert 100; 28-7s Mark Sundberg 96; 29-5 Ryan Wells 85; 30-22 Jonathon Gomez 68; 31-0 Brent Harris 56; 32-20s Jay Sauls 47; 33-11 Dustin Ash 47; 34-9 Kelly Mann 29; 35-18 John Bender 29; 36-89 Doni Wanat 14

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Evergreen Speedway’s Summer Showdown A Rousing Success for Many