St. Johns, PA- Bone stock and badass are just a few words that describe the Enduros of yesteryear at Evergreen Raceway Park. Back in the mid 2000s, the NEETS Holiday Stock Car Series received a tremendous amount of support from Enduro maniacs and their fans, where car counts soared with nearly 100 each in the Four Cylinder and 6/8-Cylinder divisions respectively. The economy began to drop, the price of scrap went up and the last page of the Enduro novel showed Enduro cars becoming racecars. The good old days of Enduro racing showcasing huge car counts may be a thing of the past, but not necessarily, as Evergreen Raceway Park, with the help of popular Enduro racer Steve Tito, plan to go back to those roots for the 2015 racing season.

For now and with a few minor rule modifications that will be available on the track website soon, the Enduros will basically remain the same as they have been for the last few seasons. Of course drivers will never know if the track will be wet or dry, with obstacles or without, or whether or not they will have to make left hand turns or possibly right.

Three dates have been set aside for the Enduro cars. The first will be held on Friday, August 1st and the second will take place on Sunday, September 2nd. The third event will happen on Sunday, October 5th. As noted above, the updated rules for the division will be available very soon on the speedway website. The rules will be strictly enforced for all Enduro events.

There must be a minimum of eight cars registered per Enduro division (Four Cylinder and 6/8-Cyliner divisions) in order for the Enduro class to have its own 50-lap timed event. If fewer cars are registered, the drivers must compete with the respective regular division (Four Cylinders and Pure Stocks) and they will be scored separately as Enduros but the payout will be the actual position that they finished in, plus the registration money.

Enduro drivers will be charged a $50 registration fee and 100% of that will be paid back to the top Enduro finishers. A brief explanation follows:

If eight or more Enduros are registered for each event, the track will host a 50-lap standalone event for those racers following the regular show. And again, 100% of the driver registration fee will be paid out. Here is a break down of the payout:

If under 30 cars (per division) Top 3 get paid as follows:
1ST= 70% , 2ND= 20% 3RD=10%
EXAMPLE: 10 cars register at 50 = $500 paid in registration. The payouts would be: 1st= 350 , 2nd= 100, 3rd= 50 MORE CARS= MORE MONEY.

If 30 Cars ( per division): Top 5 get paid as follows:
1ST =60%, 2ND=20% 3RD=10%, 4TH=5%, 5TH =5%
EXAMPLE: 30 CARS REGISTERED=$1500 paid in registration. The payouts would be 1st=900 ; 2nd= 300; 3rd=150;4th=75;5th=75

In order to proper plan the events and also to help promote them better, there will be a Pre-Registration for all Enduros. Within a few days, the pre-registration form will be available by clicking the “Track Forms” link on the speedway website. The form must be filled in correctly and then mailed to the address on the form with the full registration amount. Upon receipt, Evergreen will list the registered drivers in order on the speedway website and that will determine the starting lineup for each Enduro event. If for any reason the race is cancelled, your money will be refunded (make sure we have a return address on the registration form).

Once the 2014 racing season comes to a close, Evergreen Raceway Park is planning to revisit the rulebook for the Enduro division, and the intent is to get back to the old school gut and go style of Enduro racing, but with safety being the number one concern.

Any technical questions in regards to the Evergreen Enduros are asked to be directed to Steve Tito at [email protected]

On regular race days, pit admission at the track is $25 (With Pit License) and $35 without. It is NOT required to purchase a season pit license to compete. As always, regular grandstand admission is only $10. Children 12 years of age an younger are admitted into the grandstands for free.

Evergreen Raceway Park is just minutes from Hazleton, Pa, located on St. John’s Road, between Routes 93 and 309. For more information, including upcoming shows, rules, payouts and news, please visit

– Evergreen Raceway Park Release.  Photo Credit: Evergreen Raceway Park

Evergreen Raceway Planning to Bring Back “True” Enduro Racing