St. Johns, PA — There’s an ‘unwritten rule’ to promoting in motorsports. Well, as we know there are many and there’s no need for any of them to be written. One of the obvious is to be as fair as possible and go the extra mile to make as many people, as possible, happy with your facility. Also, to make them aware about it and in turn, they make others aware of it as well, knowing that it’ll help pave the way for success. With that said and with a number of management adjustments that are in place for the 2016 season. Jason Makarewicz and long time announcer and PR representative, Gene Ostrowski, have been named Co-Promoters of Evergreen Raceway in St. Johns, PA and former racer, Jeff Owler, will be the speedway’s Race Director.


Makarewicz took over the lease to the track late in 2015. Ostrowski has been a fixture at the track as an employee since 2005. They were both fans there, along with being crewmembers, drivers and owners, which helps with the experience in regards to what the drivers would like to see moving forward. Of course everyone cannot be pleased, but it’s a step in the right direction.


Along with help from other track employees and with driver input, the two put together a great start to the new season and are looking forward to expanding that insight and feedback though 2016 and into 2017.


“I’m very happy to see how 2016 began at Evergreen and we have a great team of officials in place for continuous improvement”, noted Ostrowski, who will continue his role as the track announcer, PR representative and webmaster.


“In my eyes, if anyone helps support any track and spreads the word, they’re a promoter. Some people don’t necessarily see it that way, but I swear by it.”


Owler is a former competitor in the Factory Stock division. He was asked to fill in as the speedway’s Race Director for the last Enduro event and did a wonderful job.


“Jeff is fair and sensitive, yet he stands by his word”, noted Makarewicz.


“He did an excellent job and will fit that position well.”


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-Evergreen Raceway Press Release

-Photo Credit: Joyce Thompson

Evergreen Raceway Names Promoters, Race Director for 2016