Saturday at Wiscasset Speedway was bright and sunny, then headed into a balmy evening under the bright lights.  On the racing schedule was the Group 2 division of racing, including Late Model Sportsman, Strictly Street, Thunder 4’s, Mini Trucks, and the flex race of the week was a Modified Exhibition.  The Late Model division has seen seven different winners in seven weeks.  This week was the first week a driver has had a second win in the division.

The spotlighted feature of the week was a thirty five lap Strictly Street race.  Starting on the pole was the #14 of Dave Brannon.  Behind him were the # 43 of Ben Erskine and the #24 of Jonathan Emerson.  During the opening lap Erskine passed Brannon on the outside of turn two.  After a brief battle, Brannon was able to find an opening on the inside and passed Erskine for the lead during lap three.

Point leader, Corey Morgan of the #26 had moved to the top five from his fourteenth starting position.  Morgan had hit the front wall stretch during the heat race, and although he quickly repaired his race car, the car developed mechanical issues, sending him to the pits.

The big battle of the race was for third.  Emerson, a thirteen year old driver, was able to hold off the #32 of Tasha Dyer, the #51 of Brian Robbins, and the #83 of Dan Brown during the race.  Emerson maintained his third place until race conclusion.  This was Emerson’s first top three win.

Brannon placed fist, but failed post-race inspection due to the camber of his race tires.  Erskine moved to first place.  Emerson placed second.  Robbins placed third.

Erskine said, “I don’t know what happened to the #14 (Dave Brannon).  I wish I had won the checkered flag, but, a win is a win.  It was really good to get a win, we have had a tough season so far.  We hope to come back next time and do the same thing.  I want to thank my sponsor Picture Perfect Tire.  I also want to thank my wife, kids, Lonnie Sweat, Bob Dimponpo, and my father-in-law Peter Nagle.”

Coming into Saturday’s race Morgan was point leader with 364 points.  Dan Brown was in second with 328.  Tasha Dyer was third in points with 326.  Jonathan Emerson was fifth in points with 278.

An exciting twenty lap Thunder 4 feature was next on the agenda.  Starting on the pole was the #31 of Leandra Martin.  The #04 of Curtis Anderson and the #113 of Nate Tribbet were behind her.  During lap one, Nate Tribbet passed Anderson on the inside of turn three for second.  The #5 of Ryan Chadwick passed Anderson on turn three during lap six for third.  Chadwick advanced up the track, and during lap 13 passed Nate Tribbet for second.

There was a caution during lap fifteen.  On the ensuing restart, the #13 of Cody Tribbet passed Nate Tribbet for third.  Chadwick looked for his opportunity to pass Martin.  Martin left a small opening going down the front stretch during lap nineteen, and Chadwick took advantage and headed inside to make a pass.  Chadwick completed the pass on turn two of the last lap, and beat Martin across the checkered by only .4 of a second.

Post-race Chadwick said that Martin had given him a good run, and that he just gave it his all.  Chadwick also said, “I would like to thank Shawn Smith.  He is the guy that makes my car go the way it does. I want to thank both him and Zac for helping me tear down the engine for the tech inspection that we passed.  I want to thank my girlfriend Krista and my two kids, Kassidy and Aubryana.  I also want to thank my sponsors D&S Excavation, Skip Cahill Tire, Bath and Wiscasset Napa, and Bayside Plumbing and Heating.”

This was Chadwick’s seventh top place win this season.  Chadwick was point leader coming into Saturday’s race with 406 points.  Cody Tribbet was second in points with 314.  Trey Brown was third in points with 286.

A modified feature was the flex race of the week.  Starting on the pole was the #77 of Kevin Douglass.  The #5 of Mark Lucas and the #05 of Ron Henry were behind him.

The engines were roaring, and when the green flag flew, Mark Lucas got a good jump of the start and took the lead from Douglass.  Henry and the #22 of Doug McClure battled for third place.  For nearly fifteen laps they raced for position, then during lap twenty one one McClure was able to complete a pass on the outside of turn two for third.

Mark Lucas went under the checkered in first place.  Douglass placed second.  Rounding out the top three was McClure.

A quick straight-forward fifteen lap Mini Truck feature was next.  Starting on the pole was the #1 of Matt Curtis.  The #12 of Jerry McKenna and the #17 of Matt Weil were behind him.

The trucks were well matched and raced in a pack.  Weil passed McKenna on the inside of turn four for second during lap three.  There were no other leader changes.  Curtis placed first.  Weil placed second.  McKenna placed third.

Coming into Saturday’s race, McKenna was point leader with 390 points.  Weil was second in points with 308.  Jeff Schmidt of the #22 was third in points with 284.  This is Curtis’s second win in Mini Trucks this season.

An action packed thirty five lap Late Model Sportsman feature was the next crowd pleaser.  Starting on the pole was the #34 of Tyler Robbins.  Behind him were the #17 of Chris Thorne and the #04 of Allan Moeller Sr.  When the green flag waved over the track, Robbins and Thorne battled for first.  Thorne was on the outside track, and kept pace with Robbins, then eventually overtook him during lap three on the backstretch, taking the lead.

Moeller and the #33 of Josh St Clair were each vying for third.  They sparred back and forth.  During lap eleven Josh St Clair pulled ahead of Moeller, and passed him coming off of turn two for third.  However, the pair made contact coming out of turn three.  The #14 of Dave St Clair got caught in the jumble and all three spun on the track.  A caution was called. All went to the back.  The #21 of Shane Clark moved to third.

When racing action resumed on the track, Clark headed inside and passed Robbins for second.  Nick Hinkley, whom had started in twelfth place, had advanced up the track into the top five.  Hinkley passed Robbins for third during lap twelve.  Race leaders remained constant until race conclusion.  Thorne took the win.  This was Thorne’s second win, making him the first repeat winner in this division.  Clark placed second.  Rounding out the top three was Hinkley.

Thorne said, “The car was pretty good.  Started off tight, but after a couple laps it went better and I was able to pass the #34.  After the restart, I had a couple of good cars behind me and they were competition, but I was able to stay a couple car lengths in front of them.  I would like to thank my sponsors Trees Limited, BTS Roofing, and Tim’s Trucking.  I would also like to thank my wife, kids and my parents.”

Coming into Saturday’s race, Hinkley was point leader with 322 points.  Second in points was Ryan St Clair with 290 points.  Josh St Clair was third in points with 286.  Thorne was fourth place with 282 points.

Wiscasset Speedway resumes racing action on August 9, 2014 with its group one line up of divisions: Napa Super Street, Prostock, Outlaw Mini, and New England 4 Cylinder Prostocks.

Next weekend is also The Boss Hogg 100 sponsored by F. E. Peaslee / LLP Transportation.  The Boss Hogg is a 100 lap Prostock race, with a $3,000 purse to the winner.  There are additional lap leader bonuses to be dispersed.  There are already registered racers, including Scott Chubbuck, a five time Prostock Champion at Wiscasset.  Also Darren Ripley, one of Wiscasset Speedway’s winningest drivers is to be there.  Also registered are Bill Penfold, Nick Hinkley, Mike Orr, Jeff Burgess, Nick Reno, and Tyler King – a two time winner at Beechridge this season.  For more information about the Boss Hogg 100, head to the www.wiscassetspeedway website.

Pit gates open at 2:00 PM.  Grandstand gates open at 4:00 PM.  Racing begins at 6:00 PM.  Admission is $5.00 for adults and children aged seven and older.  Kids six and under are free.  Pit admission is $20.00. Wiscasset Speedway is located on West Alna Road in Wiscasset.  For more information, head to the Wiscasset Speedway website at:

-Wiscasset Speedway Press Release. Photo Credit: Pete’s Picks

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