HAMPTON, Va. (Sept. 20) — Closing out his title-winning campaign in style, Greg Edwards notched his seventh and eighth victories of the season with a sweep of the Subway Twin 75s for the ComServe/Verizon Wireless Late Model Stock Cars, the headlining events of Saturday evening’s jam-packed NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program at Langley Speedway.


The lineup for the first of the Twins was determined in afternoon time trials and Edwards nabbed the pole position, at 88.687 mph. Brenden “Butterbean” Queen was second-fastest, just 23-thousandths of a second off Edwards’ standard. Nick Smith, Matt Waltz and Mark Wertz rounded out the top five on the 19-car grid.


As the opener got under way, Edwards and Queen dueled side-by-side until they reached the backstretch. Heading toward Turn 3, Edwards gained the clear-cut advantage, while Queen settled into second. Behind them, Waltz, riding his now-familiar high line, challenged Smith for third, taking the spot on lap 2.


Dispensing with Smith, Waltz immediately went after Queen for the runner-up position. Their tussle lasted until lap 7 when Queen pulled ahead at the flagstand. Meanwhile, Edwards had padded his lead to almost half a straightaway.


After coming out on top of a brief third-place scuffle with Wertz, Waltz set his sights on Queen again. Queen moved up the track to block Waltz’s progress, but the 12-time race winner showed that he could get the job done down low, too, grabbing second on lap 35.
By lap 58, Edwards’ lead had swelled to nearly a full straightaway over Waltz. That margin vanished, however, when Evan Horne spun in the middle of Turns 3 and 4 on lap 65, bringing out the race’s only yellow flag.


Gathering for a restart, Edwards chose the outside lane, denying Waltz a chance to launch from the top side. Edwards was joined on the outside by Queen, Smith and California teen Tyler Ankrum.


Back under green, Edwards cleared Waltz as they motored into Turn 1. Queen moved up to challenge Waltz for second, but wasn’t quite up to the task as Waltz pulled ahead, bringing Wertz along with him.


Dropping back to fourth, Queen soon had his hands full with Smith and Ankrum. Queen secured the spot on lap 71 and left the door open for Ankrum, who swiped fifth from Smith on lap 72. Not stopping there, Ankrum went after Queen on the following circuit and snagged fourth on lap 74.


Back at the front, Edwards was on cruise control, winning by 0.713-second — about four car-lengths — over Waltz. Wertz was third, followed by Ankrum and Queen. Smith headed the second five, in sixth, while Danny Edwards Jr., Brandon Gdovic, Connor Hall and Casey Wyatt completed the top 10, all on the lead lap.


In Victory Lane after the race, Edwards commented on his run and began to reflect on the nearly-completed season: “Yeah, it was pretty good. I definitely didn’t want to see that caution late there. I mean, I thought we had ‘em. My car got loose and I knew I had to take the outside ‘cause I know that’s where Matt runs the best, so we got up there and got fortunate to get down in front of him again. Every time I run for these championships, I keep saying, ‘Man, this’ll be the last one,’ ‘cause it’s so stressful, getting to the end of the season with it. I mean, it really is. But, I gotta thank this crew with (engine builder) Charlie High. I’ve really gotta thank him. He turned 80 last week and I want to dedicate this race to him.”



The starting lineup for the second race mirrored the finishing order from the first one, putting Edwards and Waltz on the front row. Looking to negate Waltz’s demonstrated advantage, Edwards chose to start on the outside.


On the start of the nightcap, Edwards made his decision pay off as he hauled the field into Turn 1 on the opening lap. Waltz dropped into second, followed by Wertz and Ankrum. Queen and Smith battled door-to-door for fifth with Smith grabbing the spot on lap 4.
By lap 6, Edwards had pulled away by nearly three lengths, while Waltz contended with Wertz and Ankrum. On lap 7, Ankrum slipped underneath Wertz on the backstretch and moved into third through Turns 3 and 4.


As Ankrum and Wertz jousted, Waltz set his sights on Edwards, who had adopted Waltz’s high line. Soon, the lead duo had opened a half-straightaway gap over the battle for third.


Chipping away at Edwards’ margin, Waltz pulled to within a car-length of the leader on lap 31. In Turns 3 and 4, though, he drifted a bit beyond the outer lane and into the marbles, falling five lengths back in the process.


Nearing lap 50, Waltz had regained his footing and was closing in on Edwards again, pulling to within a car-length. Deeper in the field, Ankrum had driven away from Wertz and zeroed in on the two leaders.


The lead changed hands on lap 54 when Waltz dove underneath Edwards in Turn 1 and surged ahead at the end of the backstretch. Once out front, Waltz quickly returned to the high side, while Edwards abandoned the outer groove and began working the inside of the track — more familiar territory for both drivers.


With Waltz leaving the inside lane open, Edwards was able to poke a fender alongside on a few occasions. Waltz carried a ton of momentum off the corners, though, and held him at bay. Meanwhile, third-place Ankrum crept closer and closer to the lead battle.


On lap 67, Edwards finally worked his way underneath Waltz. The two went side-by-side until lap 69 when Waltz bobbled slightly in Turn 4 and Edwards raced back into the top spot. Within a couple laps, Edwards had pulled away by nearly three lengths and Waltz was underattack by Ankrum.



At the end of the caution-free run, Edwards was the winner by 1.020 seconds — about five lengths — over Ankrum, who swiped second on lap 72. Waltz was third, followed by Brandon Gdovic and Wertz. Queen, Wyatt, Smith, Danny Edwards Jr. and Duane Shreeves completed the top 10, all finishing the entire distance.


Returning to Victory Lane, Edwards summed up the fitting end to his season: “That’s awesome and that’s how I wanted to go out right there — winning. We raced hard for that. I got up top in Matt’s groove and he just slowly caught me and, then when he got by, I said, ‘Well, maybe there’s still something on the bottom,’ so I went back to where I like to run. I hope the fans enjoyed it. Man, what a season. Eight wins. I gotta thank this team so much. They’ve worked hard. No mistakes. We’ve done the right things all year, kept our nose clean, and it’s great to come out on top like this.”


Finishing up his thoughts, Edwards noted the satisfaction of clinching his fourth track title with a win: “Oh, definitely. And, especially, in a situation like I was. You were thinking maybe you should just ride, but I’m not in with that. If I’m gonna go down, I’m gonna go down swinging. I like to win and these championships are great, but I love to win every week, so we’ve got a good deal going right now. We can keep it going into next year, hopefully.”


In the final points tally, pending official verification, Edwards ended up with a 19-point cushion over Waltz, 543-524.


In the evening’s other feature events:


Rodney Boyd moved out front on lap 47 and sailed to his first win of the season in a 75-lapper for the Pepsi Grand Stocks.
Points leader Mark Frye qualified on the pole, at 80.640 mph, and set the pace for the first 26 laps. On a restart at lap 27, however, he failed to come up to speed immediately and gave way to Brandon Hinson, who was gunning for his fourth straight win. Boyd tagged along with Hinson and took over second, while Frye slipped to third.


After two more caution flags, at laps 29 and 34, the third and fourth of the event, Boyd moved up to challenge Hinson for the lead. Down by three lengths at the crossed flags, Boyd erased the gap, then drove underneath Hinson on lap 46, completing the pass off Turn 2 on lap 47.
In just one lap, Boyd opened a three-length advantage over Hinson. He didn’t have long to enjoy the breathing room, though, as caution flags on laps 51 and 63 kept the field bunched.


The last of the race’s seven yellow flags flew on lap 67 when Mark Claar got crossed up off Turn 2 and triggered a multi-car melee. With caution laps counting and facing a lengthy cleanup, officials red-flagged the event. The incident sidelined Claar, as well as Jamie Sample, Carl Livingston, Thomas Marks and Shawn Scovel, whittling the field down to eight.


On what would turn out to be the final restart, Boyd was flanked by veteran Bubba Johnston, who was making his first start of the year. Tommy Sweeney was on Boyd’s rear bumper, followed by Hinson, while Frye joined Johnston on the high side.


Back under green, Boyd quickly bolted ahead, leaving Johnston and Sweeney in a side-by-side tussle. Pinching Johnston toward the outside wall, Sweeney eventually grabbed the runner-up spot and opened the door for Frye and Ritchie German. Meanwhile, Boyd was driving off into the distance.


At the finish, Boyd was the winner by 1.884 seconds — half a straightaway — over Sweeney. Frye was third, followed by German and Johnston.


After the race, officials announced that the final results would be held up, pending further inspection procedures. If the results stand, Frye will carry a seven-point lead over Sweeney into next Saturday’s Grand Stock finale.


Sammy Gaita took the lead with a daring three-wide pass on the final circuit and scored his fifth win of the season in a 40-lap contest for the Butterfoss & Barton Orthodontics Super Streets.


Renno Marchetti IV was the pole-sitter for the event, at 75.598 mph, sharing the front row with Gaita. Marchetti took the early lead, but Gaita was poised to pounce. He took a strong run at the leader on lap 10, but was blocked by a lapped machine and tumbled to fourth before he could free himself.


Gaita’s misfortune allowed Marchetti to extend his lead to four lengths over Landon Abbott. Three laps later, Abbott lost the second spot to Randy Akers. Gaita grabbed third from Abbott on lap 14, only to see the move undone when the first caution flag waved.


On the restart, Abbott pulled to the outside lane to challenge Marchetti for the top spot. Marchetti quickly scooted ahead, though, with Akers in tow and Abbott settled back into third. Behind him, Sean Calway hounded Gaita for fourth. The two swapped the spot a couple times with Gaita jregaining command on lap 19.


Also on lap 19, Akers went after Marchetti for the lead, ducking under the front-runner in Turn 4 and completing the pass in Turn 1 on lap 20. One lap later, Akers had opened a three-length gap.


Little by little, Marchetti closed in on Akers. By lap 28, they were nose-to-tail. After contact in Turn 4, though, Akers shot ahead, reestablishing the three-length margin.


The second, and final, caution flag appeared on lap 31 as John Pereira and Jeff Sweeney had their second run-in of the race. Setting the running order, Akers, Marchetti, Abbott, Gaita and Calway made up the top five. Abbott and Calway opted for the outside on the ensuing restart.


Back under green, Akers and Marchetti motored away from the pack, soon joined by Gaita. As the laps wound down, Marchetti pecked at Akers’ rear bumper, while Gaita lurked just behind. At the white flag, the top three were tightly bunched.


Off Turn 2 for the last time, Marchetti took a run to the inside of Akers. Simultaneously, Gaita pulled to the inside of Marchetti and the three-way battle was on.


Through Turns 3 and 4, Gaita squirted ahead and rolled on to the victory, winning by 0.325-second over Marchetti. Akers got the worst of the exchange as he spun in Turn 4 and fell to 11th. Calway was third in the final rundown, followed by Abbott and Chris Hott.
Gaita will take a seven-point lead, 297-290, over Marchetti into next Saturday’s 50-lap season-ender.


Nelson Moody assumed the lead on lap 29 and held on for his first win in the KeesVacations.com Pro Six feature, which was extended from 30 to 31 laps by a late, race-altering caution flag.


Hoping to gain ground in the title chase, Landon Florian started on the pole, at 83.138 mph, and paced the first 28 laps. Points leader Bobby Hall moved up to second on lap 2 and held down the runner-up spot for much of the contest.


On a restart at lap 29, third-place Cody Carlton pulled alongside Florian in a bid for the lead. Back under green, Florian cleared him in Turns 1 and 2. At the other end of the track, though, Carlton sent Florian for a loop, bringing out the last of four yellow flags, passing the lead to Moody and sending the race into “overtime” for a green-white-checkered finish.


On the final restart, Hall restarted alongside Moody, who cleared him into Turn 1. As they came around to receive the white flag, however, Hall ducked underneath the leader.


Moody and Hall raced cleanly and side-by-side for the last circuit with Moody eking out a half-length victory. Officially, the margin was 54-thousandths of a second. J.B. Sipe was third to the checkers, while Florian salvaged a fourth-place result. Maddy Mulligan overcame a late spin to post her first top-five finish of the season.


Hall will bring a nine-point lead over Florian, 198-189, into next Saturday’s 30-lap finale. Steve Williams, who was second in points coming into Saturday’s event, saw his title hopes take a big hit as he was sidelined by early mechanical problems and ended up 13th.


Spencer Saunders started on the pole, at 79.216 mph, and led all the way for his first win of the season as the Cycle City Corp. INEX Legends closed out their 2014 campaign at Langley with a 25-lap national qualifying event.


Saunders’ teammate, Brandon Gdovic, moved up to second on the opening lap and held down the runner-up spot throughout the contest, finishing 0.659-second back. The solid showing was enough to deliver the division title to Gdovic, though he was shut out of Victory Lane.
Chris Hildebrand was third to the line, but failed to clear the post-race inspection. With Hildebrand’s DQ, Tommy Jackson Jr. advanced to third in the official rundown, followed by Brian May and Matt Dail.


Justin Fuller bagged his eighth win of the year in a 25-lapper for the Carroll’s Automotive UCARs. Starting from the pole, at 74.032 mph, he dropped back at the beginning of the event, but rallied and took the lead for good on lap 3.


Tim Wilson took over second place on lap 6 and was able to trim a half-straightaway deficit down to just a few car-lengths in the closing stages.


The last of the race’s two caution flags was displayed on lap 23, setting up a sprint to the finish. For the restart, third-place Eric Schaffer chose the outside lane, joined by Mike Perkins and Brandon Wood.


Returning to green, Fuller scampered away from the pack, leaving Wilson to battle Schaffer for second. The runner-up duel allowed Fuller to stretch his lead and he won by 1.207 seconds — about five lengths. Wilson was second, nipping Schaffer at the checkers. Richard Ellis, who led laps 1 and 2, was fourth, followed by Jesse Jones IV.


The win wrapped up the 2014 championship for Fuller, who will carry an insurmountable 33-point lead into next Saturday’s UCAR finale.


Trevor Wells started on the pole, at 65.086 mph, and wired the field for his second win in a 15-lap national qualifier for the East Coast Synthetics INEX Bandoleros.


Zach Lightfoot held down the second spot from start to finish and came home 1.881 seconds — about half a straightaway — behind the winner. D.J. Elzey, Elysia Potter and Bradley Wilson were third, fourth and fifth, respectively, at the end.


Lightfoot tentatively sealed up the division title with his runner-up outing. After the race, though, officials announced that the final results were being held up, pending inspections by INEX.


In a 20-lap contest for the Rhonnda Claiborne, Realtor HRKC Pro Winged Champ Karts, Shawn Gervais took the lead for good on lap 11 and held on for his first win.


Gervais started on the pole, at 61.985 mph, and paced the first three laps before getting double-teamed by Matthew Leach and Ryan Hudgins. As the new leaders pulled away, Gervais was picked up by the second drafting pack and began his rally.
Gervais returned to the lead on lap 11, bypassing Leach on the backstretch. Leach briefly retook the top spot on lap 12, but Gervais surged ahead as they reached the flagstand and cleared Leach on lap 13.


Nearing the finish, Gervais, Leach and Hudgins formed a stout combo at the head of the pack. Behind them, Josh Ayer, Charlie-Ray Lorah and Brandon Lorah were closing in a hurry.


At the white flag, Hudgins lost contact with Gervais and Leach and was overwhelmed by Ayer and the Lorahs. Despite missing the third member of their draft, though, Gervais and Leach hung on to the top two positions.


At the checkers, Gervais was the winner by a kart-length — 73-thousandths of a second, officially — over Leach. Ayer was third, while Charlie-Ray Lorah and Brandon Lorah were fourth and fifth, in that order.


Charlie-Ray Lorah will go for his second Champ Kart title when the division wraps up its 2014 schedule next Saturday.


-Langley Speedway Press Release.  Photo Credit: Langley Speedway Facebook.


Race #1:
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (97) Greg Edwards; 75
2. (2) Matt Waltz; 75
3. (55) Mark Wertz; 75
4. (58) Tyler Ankrum; 75
5. (03) Brenden Queen; 75
6. (11) Nick Smith; 75
7. (26) Danny Edwards Jr.; 75
8. (46) Brandon Gdovic; 75
9. (77) Connor Hall; 75
10. (92) Casey Wyatt; 75
11. (38) Duane Shreeves; 74
12. (7) Dude Gibbs; 74
13. (90) Terry Carroll; 74
14. (7x) Jim Hardin; 73
15. (56) Clayton Parrish; 73
16. (6) Evan Horne; 62
17. (10) Megan Creech; 62
18. (91) Justin Carroll; 27
19. (71) Tommy Spencer; 2
Pole: G. Edwards – 88.687 mph.

Race #2:
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (97) Greg Edwards; 75
2. (58) Tyler Ankrum; 75
3. (2) Matt Waltz; 75
4. (46) Brandon Gdovic; 75
5. (55) Mark Wertz; 75
6. (03) Brenden Queen; 75
7. (92) Casey Wyatt; 75
8. (11) Nick Smith; 75
9. (26) Danny Edwards Jr.; 75
10. (38) Duane Shreeves; 75
11. (91) Justin Carroll; 74
12. (7x) Jim Hardin; 74
13. (56) Clayton Parrish; 73
14. (7) Dude Gibbs; 64
15. (90) Terry Carroll; 38
16. (71) Tommy Spencer; 2
17. (6) Evan Horne; 1
18. (10) Megan Creech; 0
Pole: G. Edwards – via Race #1 finish.

++ Unofficial ++
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (9) Rodney Boyd; 75
2. (11) Tommy Sweeney; 75
3. (29) Mark Frye; 75
4. (10) Ritchie German; 75
5. (19) Bubba Johnston; 75
6. (17) Brandon Hinson; 75
7. (75) Jeff Driskill; 69
8. (7) Mark Claar; 68
9. (77) Carl Livingston; 67
10. (28) Jamie Sample; 67
11. (6) Shawn Scovel; 67
12. (54) Joshua Berry; 66
13. (88) Thomas Marks; 64
14. (22) Brian Waters; 42
15. (2) Michael Waters; 33
16. (1) Kevin Morgan; 13
17. (71) J.R. Smith; 7
Pole: Frye – 80.640 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (24) Sammy Gaita; 40
2. (01) Renno Marchetti IV; 40
3. (12) Sean Calway; 40
4. (70) Landon Abbott; 40
5. (14) Chris Hott; 40
6. (11) Jeff Sweeney; 40
7. (2) Rod Busitzky; 40
8. (22) Bill Eaker; 40
9. (50) Jim Bennett; 40
10. (3) John Pereira; 40
11. (21) Randy Akers; 40
12. (9) Gary Graham; 38
Pole: Marchetti – 75.598 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (46) Nelson Moody; 31
2. (26) Bobby Hall; 31
3. (14) J.B. Sipe; 31
4. (98) Landon Florian; 31
5. (07) Maddy Mulligan; 31
6. (57) Ben Zoellner; 31
7. (27) Cody Carlton; 31
8. (21) Dashe McLaughlin; 31
9. (4) Debbie Biesecker; 30
10. (7) Don Jones; 30
11. (44) Travis Wall; 14
12. (02) Jordan Wood; 5
13. (11) Steve Williams; 3
Pole: Florian – 83.138 mph.
* Race extended from 30 to 31
laps by late caution flag.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (7) Spencer Saunders; 25
2. (46) Brandon Gdovic; 25
3. (87) Tommy Jackson Jr.; 25
4. (22) Brian May; 25
5. (07) Matt Dail; 25
DQ (71) Chris Hildebrand; 25
Pole: Saunders – 79.216 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (03) Justin Fuller; 25
2. (71) Tim Wilson; 25
3. (3) Eric Schaffer; 25
4. (41) Richard Ellis; 25
5. (5) Jesse Jones IV; 25
6. (0) Mike Perkins; 25
7. (28) Tommy Gildea; 25
8. (40) Brandon Wood; 25
9. (10) John Matthews; 25
10. (7) Ashten Mullett; 24
11. (11) Matt Morgan; 22
12. (4) Nick Isidro; 0
Pole: Fuller – 74.032 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
++ Unofficial ++
1. (46) Trevor Wells; 15
2. (7) Zach Lightfoot; 15
3. (07) D.J. Elzey; 15
4. (24) Elysia Potter; 15
5. (51) Bradley Wilson; 15
6. (17) Devon Courtney; 15
7. (87) Aidan Bolling; 15
8. (5) Bradley Kilby; 12
DQ (18) Autumn Weaver; 15
Pole: Wells – 65.086 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Krt #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (71) Shawn Gervais; 20
2. (51) Matthew Leach; 20
3. (38) Josh Ayer; 20
4. (59) Charlie-Ray Lorah; 20
5. (49) Brandon Lorah; 20
6. (33) Ryan Hudgins; 20
7. (00) Cody Carlton; 20
8. (47) Angela-Marie Steele; 20
9. (6) Tyler Stallings; 20
10. (24) Vaughan Crittenden; 20
11. (29) Amanda Frye; 20
12. (27) Cullen Roberts; 20
13. (9) Dominic Guarry; 20
14. (26) Scott Allen; 20
15. (19) Daniel Drake; 20
16. (16) David Millard; 20
17. (52) Chris Bechtel; 19
18. (10) Danny Millard; 19
19. (39) Mattisen Morrill; 19
20. (42) Jesse Call; 19
21. (25) Victoria Townsend; 19
22. (02) Jordan Valdes; 18
23. (95) Jonathan Mullett; 18
24. (17) Amanda Stallings; 18
25. (28) Garry Osborne; 18
Pole: Gervais – 61.985 mph.

Edwards Sweeps Twin 75s, Wins LMSC Title at Langley