Eddie Johnson Racing To Test Ford Racing D347SR7 Sealed Racing Engine Ford Racing and former championship Late Model Stock Car racer Eddie Johnson are teaming up on a test program for its D347SR7 Sealed Racing Engine. The objective of this test program is to demonstrate that the D347SR7 Sealed Racing Engine is fully competitive with more expensive custom built engines – “Right Out of the Crate”. Priced at under $10,000, this engine is a tremendous valve compared to custom built Late Model Stock Car (LMSC) engines that can cost up to $20,000. Along with the price, the D347SR7 has demonstrated long term value by way of its longer intervals between servicing and rebuilds.

Eddie Johnson is testing Ford's new factory sealed D347SR7 engine. (Ford Racing photo)

Eddie Johnson is testing Ford’s new factory sealed D347SR7 engine. (Ford Racing photo)

To date, most of the Ford Racing D347SR engines competing in LMSC have been blueprinted to maximize power. The actual power increase from the blueprinting is subject to debate, with levels of 4 to 15 HP reported. But the real test that hasn’t been done is to run an engine “out of the crate” in LMSC competition to see if that expensive blueprinting is really necessary. And that’s just what Eddie Johnson will be setting out to do.

Eddie has an impressive record behind the wheel in Late Model Stock Racing by winning in just about every big LMSC race in the Southeast, including the biggest of all, the Fall Martinsville race which he won in 1986 and 1993. Eddie is an 8-time Track Champion – winning 5 Championships at Southside Speedway, 2 at Old Dominion Speedway and 1 at Langley Speedway. In 1993, Eddie scored 22 wins on his way to the Langley Speedway Championship. More recently, he finished out the 2013 Racing Season when he won the Modified Madness Race last October at Langley Speedway.

The connection between Ford and Eddie Johnson dates back to 1984 and included testing factory backed Late Model Stock engines in the late 1990s.

Look for Eddie to hit the Track with his “Right out of the Crate” D347SR7 Sealed Racing Engine starting in June.

The Ricky Johnson Racing Team is looking forward to this great teaming opportunity with Ford Racing and welcomes them in joining the Ricky Johnson Racing Sponsorship Club, Airtec, AR Bodies, George Self Lawn Service & Property Management, Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating, HJ Chassis, JS Archer Company, Moonlighting Designs, Newmart Builders and CRPS/RSD Awareness.

Eddie Johnson to Test Ford D347SR7 Sealed Engine