DeGraff OH; The Vores Series brought their front wheel drive cars to Shady Bowl Speedway Saturday. A steller field included some of the best and fastest four cylinders cars in the Midwest. A full field of 29 cars took the green flag. It took several restarts before the cars seemed to settle down. Holli Eaton of West Liberty look over the lead and to fend off challenges from her father Ron Masters, her husband Gary and cousin Terry. It was clear it was a four car dash to the checker between the four Hondas. Holli set the pace for the field
and led all the way to the checker in the Sirica MFG front wheeler . Gary Eaton, Terry Eaton, Ron Masters and Chris Jennings rounded out the top five. Heat wins went to Kenny George Austin Eaton and Steve Vore.

In late model action Greg Stapleton won the late model main. Stapleton was behind the wheel of the Stapleton Tool And Machine. Fast qualifier Josh Smith
was second , Brock Coyer was third, John Stroble fourth and Mark Parker fifth

Brad Coons won the dash with the heat going to Jacob Muncy.

The streets saw a familiar posing for photos. Rodney Roush put the M&M Head Service Chevelle in the winners circle after a series of bad luck races. Dave Sage was second, with Josh Sage third , Jason Drummond fourth and Scott Sullenberger fifth. Heat wins went to Roush , Drummond and Aliza Snapp.

The modified feature was a quick running event with Mike Carroll taking the win in his McDonalds backed racer. Brad Williams, Greg Stapleton, Buddy Townsend
and points leader Shane Shirk rounded out the top five.Townsend was the dash winner with Brad Yelton taking the heat win

Ryan Miller topped the field of DWARF CARS. Miller was clearly the fastest car on the track as he sped to the win..

The compact feature saw Kenny George put a last lap move on Bryan Barrett to take the win .Chris Lucas was third, Rob Sharpe fourth and Nick Philbeck fifth. George and Lucas won heats.

The PRO-4 feature was won by Justin Meade. It marked the return of former track champion Wayne Watercutter. The 75 year old appeared to have lost nothing as he kept it pointed it in the right direction and ran the whole feature. Next Saturday Nite will be Military night with all Active and retired personnel with proper ID will be admitted Free. On hand will be Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks, Tuners, Compacts and Dwarfs. Racing at 7.

Shady Bowl results 09-06-14
VORES Compacts
Heat Winners: Austin Eaton, Steve Vore and Kenny George
Feature: 1. Holli Eaton 2. Gary Eaton 3. Terry Eaton 4. Ron Masters 5. Chris Jennings 6. Ryan Barrett 7. J R Vester 8. Donny Bigelow 9. Kenny George 10. Josh Foltz 11. Nicholas Meade 12. Rob Sharpe 13. Jarrett Sage 14. Adam Lee 15. Phil Iliff 16. Chris Crosier 17. Nick Lee 18. Larry Kemp 19. Thomas Bigelow 20. Steve Vore 21. Aaron Teegarden 22. David Callahan 23. Zach Doolin 24. Layne Crabtree 25. Kevin McCoy 26. Les Rhodes 27. Matt Jackson 28. Nick Barrett 29. Austin Eaton

Late Models
Fast Qualifier: Josh Smith 13.599
Dash Winner: Brad Coons
Heat Winner: Jacob Muncy
Feature: 1. Greg Stapleton 2. Josh Smith 3. Brock Coyer 4. John Stroble 5. Mark Parker 6. Brad Coons 7. Chris Abbott 8. Jacob Muncy

Fast Qualifier: Brad Williams 13.764
Dash Winner: Buddy Townsend
Heat Winner: Brad Yelton
Feature: 1. Mike Carroll 2. Brad Williams 3. Greg Stapleton 4. Buddy Townsend 5. Shane Shirk 6. Joe Pequignot 7. Chris Parker 8. Logan McPherson 9. Chad Fiessinger 10. Brad Yelton 11. Carl Stapleton 12. Rob Shaeff 13. Daniel McPherson 14. Don Skaggs 15. Chris Prater

Street Stocks
Fast Qualfiier: Ray Muncy 15.075
Dash Winner: Rodney Roush
Heat Winners: Jason Drummond and Aliza Snapp
Feature: 1. Rodney Roush 2. Dave Sage 3. Josh Sage 4. Jason Drummond 5. Scott Sullenberger 6. Chad Small 7. Donnie Hall 8. Aliza Snapp 9. Cory Lauderback 10. Robert Roush 11. Brian Reeser 12. Mike Snapp 13. Richard Roush 14. Roger Roush 15. Timmy Hines 16. Roger Thornhill

Fast Qualifier: Kenny George 17.068
Dash Winner: Kenny George Jr.
Heat Winner: Chris Lucas
Feature: 1. Kenny George Jr. 2. Ryan Barrett 3. Chris Lucas 4. Rob Sharpe 5. Nick Philbeck 6. David Callahan 7. Terry Eaton Jr. 8. Nicholas Meade 9. Zach Doolin 10. Jarrett Sage 11. Garrett Adams 12. Josh Foltz

Fast Qualifier: Greg Sparks 13.896
Heat Winners: Daniel Wirrick and Connie Smith
Feature: 1. Ryan Miller 2. Daniel Wirrick 3. Greg Sparks 4. Connie Smith 5. Lynn Mitchell 6. Aaron Chatfield 7. Tristan Francis 8. Zach Hitchcock 9. Jesse Gade 10. Rob Dutra 11. Donnie Eaton

Pro 4’s
Fast Qualifier: Justin Meed 14.613
Feature: 1. Justin Meed 2. Wayne (Waco) Watercutter 3. Paul Hazelett 4. Matt Thompson

Eaton Tops VORES Series 40 Lapper at Shady Bowl