DRP Performance Products has been on the cutting edge of Suspension Analysis Equipment for the short track racing world since 1986.  From Pull Down Fixtures, Wheel Scales, and much more, DRP uses today’s best technology to help give race teams an advantage on the track.


DRP President Lynnie Doughton took the time at PRI to talk to Speed51 about what DRP does and how it uses technology to help teams with the setup process.


“What we really try to do is simplify the whole setup process,” Doughton told Speed51.com.  “And we are using technology to do that.  There’s three main things that we always focus on the race car.  We look at the balance.  We look at wheel position.  And we try to eliminate all the bonds from the car.  We’re going to do that with a pull-down system and wheel alignment systems.  Just capture that data and allow the teams to see numbers instead of having to guess at what the car’s doing.”


While at PRI, DRP Performance Products debuted a new Pull-Down Fixture.  The DSS-4 Automated Chassis Set-Up System was on hand for teams to view and check out for themselves.  Doughton talks about the multiple features the new Pull-Down Fixture has to offer, and the simplicity of using it.


“It’s as simple as entering the travel they want to go into and hitting start, and the system will do everything for them,” Doughton said.  “It’s actually going to take the car to that travel, it’s going to measure the wheel level and graph out the wheel level.  It’ll actually be able to see bump stop timings, sway bar timings, sway bar loads, bump loads.  They can see if they have a suspension bond.  We’re also measuring bump steer and castor change and camber change, rear steer, just everything that has to do with a car’s balance and the position of the wheels as the car’s running on the track.  That’s the big difference in using this technology.  We’re actually measuring balance and positions and loading it.  The car’s actually racing on the track, not just sitting there statically in the shop.”


You can see the DSS-4 Automated Chassis Set-Up System in action on the Speed51 Network.  To purchase it and other products from DRP Performance Products, visit their website at drpperformance.net.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51.com State Editor (IN & MI)

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

DRP Performance Products Bringing New Technology to Racers