While the most intense qualifying session in Super Late Model racing is two days away, the lineup has been set for Snowball Derby qualifying following the draw at Five Flags Speedway (FL) Wednesday night.


The qualifying draw for the Snowball Derby and the Snowflake 100 closed out hauler parking and technical inspection day. Hometown driver Jeremy Pate drew the number one spot in Snowball Derby qualifying, while defending race champion Christian Eckes will be the last car to take the track during the qualifying session Friday evening.


300x250 Snowball Derby PPVWhile the qualifying order will be subject to dissection and analysis as fans place their bets on which driver will lead the field to the green flag for the 50th Snowball Derby, two drivers on both ends of the running order agreed that ultimately the cream will rise to the top.


Bubba Pollard drew one of the later positions in the lineup in both races, picking chip 52 for the Snowball Derby and 43rd for the Snowflake. Pollard hoped for an earlier draw, but still believes he has a strong enough car to lock himself into the Snowball Derby field.


“I think I would be much happier with an earlier draw,” Pollard said to Speed51.com Powered by JEGS. “All in all, it’s not bad. It’s late, but the fast cars are going to go fast. As far as when you get down to sitting on the pole and qualifying fifth, it does matter. When you talk about qualifying on the pole or making the race, it doesn’t really matter.”


Pollard added that he believes his car is strong enough to take the pole, which he would love to do in order to get primary pit selection for Sunday’s race.


“The draw does matter to a certain extent, but I’m confident in our car that we can make the show and have a good qualifying effort,” Pollard said. “I would really like to sit 26 on the pole and get that number one pit stall. That would be key for us. I think we’ve got a good shot at it.”


Casey Roderick landed near the middle of the pack for the Snowball Derby, ultimately slated to take time 24th. Roderick’s draw is earlier for the Snowflake, where he took chip number 15. He echoed Pollard’s sentiment, largely unconcerned with the draw and looking at the big picture.


“I ain’t too worried,” Roderick said. “People get worked up about it, but it doesn’t make a difference. If your car isn’t right at the end, it doesn’t really matter. It’s nice to get up front and get a good starting position and a good pit road selection.”


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-Story by Zach Evans, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51.com


Snowball Derby Qualifying Order

1          89        Jeremy Pate

2          22        Donald Crocker

3          7          John DeAngelis, Jr.

4          5          Jerry Artuso

5          33        Dustin Smith

6          99        Raphael Lessard

7          51N     Stephen Nasse

8          48        Preston Peltier

9          51        Kyle Busch

10        20        Brandon McReynolds

11        01        Jake Crum

12        14        Connor Okrzesik

13        18G     Noah Gragson

14        88        Garrett Jones

15        75        Jeremy Doss

16        58F      Jeff Firestine

17        5S        Johnny Sauter

18        92        Ron McDonald

19        53        Boris Jurkovic

20        2W      Donnie Wilson

21        55        Brandon Oakley

22        58        John Coffman

23        43        Dennis Schoenfeld

24        18        Casey Roderick

25        11        David Rogers

26        00        Anthony Cataldi

27        81        Chase Purdy

28        32        Stuart Dutton

29        51A     Michael Atwell

30        07        Corey Lajoie

31        11B     Logan Boyett

32        9          Derek Kraus

33        64        Garrett Evans

34        55D     Spencer Davis

35        12        Harrison Burton

36        13        Cassius Clark

37        5M       Mason Mingus

38        112      Augie Grill

39        79A     Joe Aramendia

40        26S      Chandler Smith

41        46        Cole Rouse

42        91        Ty Majeski

43        26        Bubba Pollard

44        19        Kason Plott

45        9C       Jeff Choquette

46        32D     Tyler Dipple

47        8          Tate Fogleman

48        53B     Cole Butcher

49        14D     Chris Davidson

50        16        Steven Davis

51        79        Kyle Bryant

52        4          Kyle Plott

53        45        Rich Bickle

54        36        Dan Fredrickson

55        4R       Ben Rowe

56        15        Christian Eckes


Snowflake 100 Qualifying Order

1          21        Brandon Johnson

2          15        Jake Johnson

3          11M     Jordan McCallum

4          17        Kurt Guillot

5          89        Bobby Reuse

6          97        Cole Anderson

7          23        Dalton Grindle

8          2          Austin Wood

9          00A     Anthony Cataldi

10        51        Eddie Fatscher

11        14H     Carson Hocevar

12        18        Casey Roderick

13        24D     Mason Diaz

14        14P      Tyler Porter

15        21P      Ryan Paul

16        24        Christopher Tullis

17        145      Billy Melvin

18        43        Justin South

19        30        Bobby Knox, Jr.

20        88        Trevor McCoy

21        51P      Perry Patino

22        04        Corey Roper

23        112      Augie Grill

24        14        Connor Okrzesik

25        4          Elliot Massey

26        5          Spencer Davis

27        46        Cole Williams

28        54        David Hite

29        12L      Dan Leeck

30        26P      Bubba Pollard

31        00        Branden Curren

32        11WA Willie Allen

33        51SN   Stephen Nasse

34        11        Stacey Crain

35        78        Corey Heim

36        33        Dustin Smith

37        26        Chandler Smith

38        22        Steven Davis

39        R7       Ryan Worsham

40        12        Joe Graf

41        95        Derrick Griffin

42        16        Scotty Tomasik

43        55        Brandon Oakley

44        99        J.R. Niedecken

45        9          Jeff Choquette

46        28        Gary Sutton

47        51K     Zachary Knowles

Draw Sets Lineup for Snowball Derby Qualifying Night