LAS VEGAS – Jeremy Doss won the 125-lap SPEARS Southwest Tour season finale and Jim Mardis captured the 75-lap Lucas Oil Modified Series feature race as The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway closed the 2014 season on Saturday night with the West Coast Short-Track Championships.


Doss, from Upper Lake, Calif., dominated the Southwest Tour main event in much the same way he ran away with the 150-lap NASCAR Super Late Model Open Comp at The Bullring on Oct. 25. Doss, 17, grabbed the lead from Ross Strmiska on lap 70 and pulled out to a 2-second lead before a late caution bunched up the field for the final 25 laps.


“This just feels great,” Doss said. “We’ve had really good cars here the last two times we’ve been here. I can’t thank my crew enough for all their hard work.”


Doss was followed to the checkered flag by Garrett Archer, Blaine Rocha, Austin Reed and Greg Voigt. Noah Gragson of Las Vegas finished ninth. Derek Thorn, who was caught up in a multi-car wreck on the 25th lap and had to pull behind the wall for the remainder of the race, finished 22nd but clinched the Southwest Tour series championship.


In the Lucas Oil Modified main event, Mardis, of Yucaipa, Calif., led early for five laps but surrendered the lead on the 12th lap. He dropped out of the top five briefly before charging back into second place on lap 41 and passing race leader Shelby Stroebel with 10 laps to go. Stroebel settled for second and Dylan Cappello of Peoria, Ariz., was third and clinched the series championship.


“Shelby Stroebel, I wasn’t going to touch him to win this race and I’m glad I didn’t have to,” Mardis said. “That dude has raced me clean ever since we started racing together. I’ve got to dedicate this to a buddy of mine who passed away a couple of months ago. We’ve got (his name) on the dash and took him to Victory Lane tonight. I don’t even know what to say – I’m shocked.”


Jeff Kelley of Eden, Utah, won the 30-lap SRL Legend Car feature and wrapped up The Bullring track championship. Shawn Buckley of Simi Valley, Calif., finished second and clinched the series championship.


Cory Elliott of Bakersfield, Calif., won the 35-lap SRL S2 Late Model feature and fellow Bakersfield resident Brandon Weaver finished 13th and clinched the series championship.


Peyton Saxton of Las Vegas won the 30-lap SRL Legends main event. Tony Mangini of Benicia, Calif., finished sixth and clinched the series championship.


-The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Press Release


Results from Saturday night’s West Coast Short-Track Championships at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

75-lap Lucas Oil Modified Series feature: 1. Jim Mardis, 2. Shelby Stroebel, 3. Dylan Cappello, 4. Chase Catania, 5. Kyle Tellstrom, 6. Linny White, 7. Jason Patison, 8. Matt Hicks, 9. Jason Irwin, 10. Larry Gerchman, 11. Mark Ith Jr., 12. Lynn Hardy, 13. Chris Fanton, 14. Rich Lindgren, 15. Sam Solari, 16. Scott Winters, 17. Jay Linstroth, 18. Chris Gerchman, 19. Joe DeGuevara, 20. Doug Hamm, 21. Pat Petrie, 22. Wes Miller, 23. Eddie Secord, 24. Taylor Miinch, 25. Chris Cook, 26. Austin Barnes, 27. Rod Johnson, 28. Kyle Ray, 29. William Camara, 30. Doug Carpenter.

6-lap Lucas Oil Modified Series Trophy Dash: 1. Larry Gerchman, 2. Eddie Secord, 3. Jason Irwin, 4. Shelby Stroebel, 5. Austin Barnes, 6. Chris Gerchman.

125-lap SPEARS Southwest Tour Series feature: 1. Jeremy Doss, 2. Garrett Archer, 3. Blaine Rocha, 4. Austin Reed, 5. Greg Voigt, 6. Keith Spangler, 7. M.K. Kanke, 8. Scott Sanchez, 9. Noah Gragson, 10. Toni McCray, 11. Christian McGhee, 12. Eric Schmidt, 13. JR Courage, 14. Jeff Bischofberger, 15. Tracy Bolin, 16. Carlos Vieira, 17. Ross Strmiska, 18. Bobby Hodges, 19. Chad Stutzman, 20. Nick Williams, 21. Brandon White, 22. Derek Thorn, 23. Jacob Gomes, 24. Andy Allen.

30-lap USAC HPD Midget Series feature: 1. Jeff Kelley, 2. Shawn Buckley, 3. Jimmy Waters, 4. Christine Breckenridge, 5. Michael Daniels, 6. Ashley Hazelton, 7. Annie Breidinger, 8. Anthony Waters, 9. Jeanille Waters, 10. Joel Rayborne.

35-lap SRL S2 Tour Series feature: 1. Cory Elliott, 2. Trevor Huddleston, 3. Blaine Perkins, 4. Johnny Butler, 5. Craig Yeaton, 6. Eric Brust, 7. Dave Lowenstein, 8. Bill Waters, 9. Erik Valdez, 10. Dylan Garner, 11. Karon Lowenstein, 12. Nastasia Dodd, 13. Brandon Weaver, 14. Carlos Quintero, 15. Todd Conrad.

30-lap Legends feature: 1. Peyton Saxton, 2. Ricky Schlick, 3. Tim Mangini, 4. Brandon Weaver, 5. Noah Gragson, 6. Tony Mangini, 7. Bryan Grandin, 8. Zach Blume, 9. Jeffrey King, 10. Steve Thompson, 11. Matt Rosler.

Doss, Mardis Score Victories at The Bull Ring at LVMS