Dorer Taking Two Cars & New Crew Chief to SpeedFest

Steve Dorer returns to Crisp Motorsports Park this weekend for CRA Speedfest 2020 more confident and more prepared than ever to return to his winning ways. Dorer will be bringing both his Pro Late Model and Super Late Model, as well as a new crew chief, to the Cordele, Georgia oval.


“Usually I do it every year for SpeedFest, I go there with both of them,” Dorer told Speed51. “The last several years I haven’t done well with the super. I had maybe one good run out of four, but the pro has run well almost all the time up there. I have a new crew chief going on so we’re hoping for a better run up there this year and maybe get a win or two.”


Dorer hopes that the marriage between himself and his new crew chief Jimmy Smith, formerly with Durobyte Motorsports, shows results this weekend in Speedfest 2020.  He’s also hoping that additional experience at the 3/8-mile race track will pay dividends.


“I think I’ve gotten better,” Dorer said. “I’ve figured out how to drive the track. I was overdriving the corners and I figured out where I was missing my marks. That’s helped me out a tremendous amount in the last race or two where I’ve finished in the top two or three in the pro car. So, I think just getting myself settled down is a big part of it, but also Jimmy, the guy who is working with me now.  We communicate well, we kind of feel the same thing in the car, what he watches, and what I drive, and I think that’s going to be a big difference this year.”




Dorer explained that the relationship with Smith was in the works for a while, but has already paid dividends.


“For years I raced against his cars in CRA up north,” Dorer said. “I always joked like, ‘Man, your cars are fast.  Man, I’d like to drive one of them.  And he’d be like, ‘Man, I’d like to drive one of them, that’d be great.’ We’d just goof with each other back and forth. When they shut their team down, he actually reached out to me about buying stuff from his team, so I called and wound up buying some parts from his team and from our conversation we just talked about getting together. So, I wound up buying one of their cars.


“We did one race up there together and we wound up doing really well,” he continued. “We finished third I think and just really wanted to do more together. He wanted to live in Florida in the winter and Michigan in the Summer like I do. So, it all came together.”


With change in the air, Dorer’s perception of a victory this weekend has changed as well.


“One win. Two wins would be super. But I really am expecting a lot out of the pro car. I think we should run really well. The super I have a really good feeling as well just because of how well we’re doing.”


Fans can watch Steve Dorer complete double duty between the ARCA/CRA Super Series and the JEGS/CRA All Stars Tour this weekend at Crisp Motorsports Park by purchasing the live pay-per-view broadcast.


– Story by Allick Jorgensen, National Correspondent – Twitter: @AJorgensen24

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Dorer Taking Two Cars & New Crew Chief to SpeedFest