John Blewett III a respected Modified driver and champion lost his life on 8/16/07 doing what he loved most. Although his life was cut short at the young age of 33, everyone who knew him could attest to the fact that he was not only a champion, but a true and kind spirit that added to all of our lives. Everyone who knew him would also tell you that he loved children, and was a big kid himself. He never lost those childlike qualities or a love of life. He always wanted children, and he was not able to have his own biological child. He accepted this fact with grace, and said that it was O.K. and perhaps God had other plans for him. I know this to be true, because I am his sister and he told me this in a private moment that I am grateful to have had with him. He adopted a beautiful boy with his wife Seychelle from Guatemala and it turned out that his name was Juan, John in English, which was very fitting. Yes, God did have a plan, and Juan became John William Blewett and the two were inseparable. Not only was he a great Dad, but the two were best buddies. I know how blessed he felt to have this healthy beautiful boy in his life. He would not want any child to suffer and always believed kids should be kids having fun, without worries.


Here is a quote about John Blewett III from a minister who represents an organization called “Racing with Jesus.”


We celebrated the life of a racer who touched many of our lives. John Blewett III was a racer. He also loved life and other people. He possessed the character of a true friend, he put others first. As we remember John, we remember how he touched our lives. Even if we only had a moment with him, he left a lasting impression. John loved, he laughed, he cared, he helped, he led, he supported, he shared, he was gracious and merciful. He demonstrated for us what it means to put others ahead of your agenda. He will be remembered each day we reach out and do the same for someone else.


Now that I have told you a little bit about my brother and what a special human being he was, and how much he really loved children, PLEASE DONATE TO THIS WONDERFUL CHARITY THAT WILL HELP CHILDREN FOR MANY YEARS TO COME, and we as family will be forever grateful that you did so in our beloved’s name John Blewett III.


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