(Thornburg, VA) During the post race inspection by NASCAR track officials, Saturday, May 14th’s Papa John’s Late Model race, several infractions were discovered.

The car of Jeff Oakley (#11) was under the minimum post race weight. Per Dominion Raceway track rules the car is given an allowance based on laps run during the race, Oakley’s car fell below the minimum allowed at the conclusion of the race. Oakley was penalized to the final position of the cars left running on track, a 11th place finish. Doug Barnes (#88) has been declared the race winner.

Thee car driven by Tyler Hughes (#51) was found to have two infractions, falling under the minimum post race weight rule and a lower control arm that did not meet NASCAR mandated specifications. Hughes was penalized to last place, a 19th place finish.

In the D & L Superhero UCar class the winning car of John Pritt (#71) was disqualified for an engine that did not meet mandated specifications. The win was given to Ryan Pritt (#22).

All other classes remain unchanged and are now official. Certified results are listed below:


Weight Calculation Declaration: Late model drivers / car owners must now declare during pre race inspection whether they intend to meet post race weight by following the fuel calculation allowance (as described in Dominion Raceway rule 3.3). OR to meet the post race weight by adding fuel ONLY. Drivers / owners taking the fuel adding option must meet pre AND post inspection weight with fuel visible one inch above the fuel cell in filler neck both during pre AND post race inspection.


Papa John’s Late Models

Car # Driver

1 88 Doug Barnes, Jr

2 12 Nick Smith

3 1 Trent Barnes

4 56 Doug Liberman

5 77 Logan Jones

6 82 Mike Ganoe

7 82B Cameron Burke

8 64 Bill Leutz

9 00 Wayne Groome

10 07 Richard Storm

11 11 Jeff Oakley

12 36 Owen Smith

13 45 Tyler Daniels

14 18 Chandler Sherman

15 7 Michael Hardin

16 40 Jay Penny

17 23 Wes Green

18 79 Barry Dean Beebe

19 51 Tyler Hughes

D&L Superhero UCARS

122Ryan Pritt
209GDavid Gonce
38Steve Phipps
416Derek Hoak
506Mike Sims
655EJ Kenny
756DJ Powell
815Blaine Schumann
DQ71Jon Pritt

Honeybaked Ham Dominion Stocks

101Renno Marchetti
215Bobby Curtis
31Michael Munley
457Richard Powers
575Jeff Driskill
689Terry Sprouse
769Tommy Smith
85Ryan Paul
936Andrew Condrey
1054Joshua Perry
1170Landon Abbott
128Travis Weber
138NDale Nichols

Fredericksburg Limo Legends

187Tommy Jackson
25Timmy Phipps
388Cody Scott
47SSpencer Saunders
522Brian May
603Mike Weddell
78Travis Weber
802Ali Lewis
96Chris Hammett
1044Barry Kramer
1131David Brandt
1242Dakota Scott
1333Colby Flowers

Mini Mods

144Mike Carte
271Todd Johnston
358Bobby Able
459Keith Riley
538Morgan Duncan
604Jon Carte
743 Kevin Davis


-Dominion Raceway Press Release.  Photo Credit: Duane Canfield/Speed51.com

Dominion Raceway Late Model Winner Disqualified