Joey Doiron drove from worst to first in 100 green flag laps, and completed the final pass for the win about 50 feet from the finish line to win Saturday night’s Pro All Stars Series (PASS) race at Greenville Pickens Speedway (SC).  But the dramatics of the evening didn’t end there.



Approximately 20 feet after crossing the finish line, Doiron’s car was turned hard into the outside wall after contact with second-place finisher Zane Smith.  His car came to a rest in turn one before being towed to victory lane where he would celebrate the race win and 2015 PASS National Championship.



While Doiron celebrated, Smith immediately went to his pit stall where he was met by local police and PASS officials.  Police officers on duty patrolled the area to avoid any confrontation between crews, while officials talked to Smith about his actions.



When the situation finally mellowed down, the two drivers talked to about the on-track incident.  Needless to say, they certainly did not see eye-to-eye on what took place as they crossed the stripe, and even the lap leading up to it.


“He tried moving me in one and two and failed, so he did it again in three and four and succeeded.” Smith told after the race.


Doiron’s recollection of the final laps was different.


“You can’t protect the whole racetrack.” Doiron said, while loading his wrecked racecar into a trailer.  “You can’t arch into the corner when someone is a half second faster than you, behind you. He did it again going into one, I moved him a little bit. I figured he maybe smartened up and was gonna drive straight off into three and protect the bottom and I was gonna go to the outside. He did it again, he arched in and I was so much faster than him on entry that I got in there, moved him up a little bit and it’s the last lap. It’s nothing he ain’t done to me this year.”


“I didn’t wreck him. I moved him out of the way. That’s short-track racing, and if you’ve got a problem with that, you need to find something else to do.”


After the pair crossed the stripe, Smith’s left front collided with the right-rear of Doiron’s car, sending it hard into the outside wall.


“(Coming to the stripe) I gave it all I had at that point. I put the car on the outside and he moved up and infringed me. We are coming to the checkers, I’m not gonna lift, especially for the win.


“I did not purposely wreck him. People may think that but they can think what they want. I was the only one in the car at that point so I apologize to the 73.”


Doiron was not quite as nonchalant regarding the post-race incident.  He believed that Smith knew what he was doing when the two made contact after the checkered flag.


“It’s ignorant,” Doiron claimed.  “That’s how you get people hurt. But you know what, apparently he has a lot of money, I’ll race with him again and I won’t forget.  I guarantee there will be times that he’ll probably be loading his (wrecked) racecar like I’m loading mine right now.” will have full race highlights from the PASS National championship event on the Speed51 Network.  Subscribe to the 51 Network by clicking here.


-By Mark Keeler, Southeast Correspondent – Twitter: @MarkKeeler975

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Doiron, Smith Disagree on Final Laps at Greenville Pickens