Dirt LM Racer Suffers Setback After Off-Track Accident

Dirt Late Model racer Logan Roberson visited victory lane last weekend at Winchester Speedway (VA).  However, the defending FASTRAK World Championship winner suffered a massive setback to his racing plans for 2019 on his way to the race track.


While traveling to Winchester, Roberson’s hauler narrowly avoided involvement in an accident while traffic slowed for a separate incident ahead.  However, the tow vehicle suffered significant damage while taking evasive action in the highway median.


“We headed to the track Saturday in Winchester,” Roberson explained to Speed51.  “We came up on a wreck, and a car in front of us jammed on brakes really hard way in front of the wreck.  We skidded for a while, and then went into the median to avoid crashing into another car.  We limped It to the race track, but we had to get it towed home.”


With the trailer serving as both transport for the race car and lodging on long-distance race trips, the damage has suspended Roberson’s racing operations until repairs can be funded and serviced.


“It put all of our plans on hold for traveling for the rest of the year until we get something that we can stay in,” Roberson said.  “We don’t pay for hotel rooms and stuff.  It’s put a hold on my racing, because we weren’t expecting that, for sure.”


Despite the setback, Roberson and his team forged ahead with Saturday’s Chuck Brannon Memorial at Winchester – a race “Thugg Nasty” would win.  The victory lifted the team’s spirits after a trying day.


“It helped out a lot,” he said of the victory.  “It brought our hopes back up.  It got me pumped up again.  It got my hopes up that we can find something.  I look forward to getting something else and getting back racing again.”


Roberson posted a message on his social media platforms explaining the incident, while also reaching out to fans and sponsors looking for support in hopes of returning to the race track soon.


“Most of you don’t know what happened this weekend and we didn’t post nor tell many people about it, but we were in an accident headed to the track Saturday just before Winchester,” the post reads.  “We had to run off the road and up thru the median to miss a stopped car that jammed on the brakes way before the wreck. We were very fortunate that the camper stayed on all fours and we were able to limp to the racetrack.


“With that being said, our hauler is gonna be out of commission or possibly totaled depending on insurance, in the mean time I need to secure a sponsor or help to keep me on the road! If anyone would be willing to come on board for the rest of this year or beyond i would really appreciate it!”


Roberson has already received one offer from a sponsor to utilize their dually to get back on track.


“One of my sponsors, RBS Auto Sales, Roy and his wife Stephanie reached out to me,” he explained. “They said if I need a tow vehicle for a few weeks, I’d be more than welcome to get their dually.  We might do that for the time being.  I’d really like to thank them for offering it.”


He is also thankful for the outpouring of love and support from race fans happy to see the off-track incident wasn’t worse and eager to see Roberson return to the track.


“It makes me feel good that people want to help,” Roberson said.  “The community comes together to help everyone out.  I’m incredibly thankful for that.”


Sponsors or fans looking to offer their support or assistance are encouraged to contact Roberson by calling him at (540) 451-1673.


“We’re open for opportunities to finish out the rest of the year. If anybody is willing to come on board, we’re opening every ounce of space on the car for them.”


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51.com Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51.com photo

Dirt LM Racer Suffers Setback After Off-Track Accident