The Dirt Kings Late Model Tour was started in 2017 by Jason Schultz to fulfill the need of a Dirt Late Model touring series in Wisconsin.  The series has been wildly successful in its two year existence and is poised for another strong year in 2019.


Both seasons have seen the same driver on top of the championship points standings.  Navarino, Wisconsin’s Nick Anvelink successfully defended his championship from 2017 by winning four races and finishing in the top five in all but two races.  His consistency allowed him to miss a race late in the season and still take home the championship by 61 points.


“It was a pretty good season for us, we finished in the top five an awful lot last year,” Anvelink told  “Out of forty races, I don’t remember how many but it was quite a bit.  With ten wins on the year, it was a heck of a season for us.  We’re kind of looking next year to hopefully get an open motor that’s a little bit more up to par.  We’re trying to do more of that kind of racing next summer, but we’ll see how that goes.”


Anvelink’s stats in the two years of the Dirt Kings Late Model Tour’s existence are staggering.  According to, in the twenty-one races the series has ran, he has earned nine wins and finished in the top five eighteen times.  With the Dirt Kings Tour utilizing passing points, Anvelink says a little bit of luck has played into his success in the series.


“Last year, you know how them deals go, it’s always a little bit of luck and you need a little bit of everything going for you,” said Anvelink.  “It’s a draw deal so we don’t qualify, so having a decent draw always goes a long way.  We line up off passing points and I think we led the series in passing points.  Our car was really good last year from the very first night and it pretty much stayed that way all season.  We’re fortunate to have a year that good.”


The series’ only champion hopes to earn his third straight Dirt Kings Late Model Tour championship in 2019, as well as venturing out of Wisconsin and even to a couple major shows.  Anvelink says he enjoys competing in the Dirt Kings Tour and seeing the series grow stronger in their early years.  However, he says he has some work to compete in the bigger Dirt Late Model shows in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest.


“It’s a really good series,” Anvelink said.  “It’s getting stronger every year, so that’s a good thing for everybody.  Hopefully we can keep it going.  I’m planning on running it again depending on what all the races line out with scheduling.”


“Right now, we’re trying to get a hold of an open motor to hopefully compete better in some of these bigger shows like Cedar Lake and a couple of the World of Outlaw shows that come around here,” he said about his 2019 plans.  “I’d also like to venture down to Fairbury (Illinois) and a couple of those races.  I’ve never been to those tracks and they look like some pretty awesome places to race, so I would like to get there when I feel like we can compete with those guys.”


-By Koty Geyer, Regional Editor (Indiana and Michigan) – Twitter: @KGeyer3

-Photo Credit: Gnaro Photography

Dirt Kings Tour Dominator Claims Second Championship