As the All American 400 draws closer on the racing calendar the hype continues to grow.  The change from a Super Late Model show to Pro Late Models has lots of drivers excited for the 31st annual event at the Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville, TN.

The regulars along with several outsiders have already run the entry list up past the 40 mark with two months to go.

Dillon Oliver is one of those regulars who will be there racing, but he’s got a leg up on the competition.  He’s one of two drivers on the entry form who has an All American 400 win.

“The fairgrounds is one of my favorite tracks,” said Oliver. “I don’t get the option to race that much anymore, but when I do I go to Nashville and I can’t wait for the All American 400. ”

Oliver won the Pro Late Model portion of the race in 2010.  That was the last year the race was run as a twin Super Late Model and Pro Late Model combination.

“We always run good at Nashville and we were really good that night,” said Oliver.  “The track has a  good feel for the Pro Late Models as it’s all about getting through the corner.”

Since then only the main race has been considered the All American 400.  This year it will be a full blown Pro Late Model race for the first time.

“It’s our guys who will get some recognition,” explained Oliver.  “Pro Late Model racing needs a big race like this on a historic track like Nashville.”

Oliver pointed out he’s run all over the country and even at the Snowflake 100 at Five Flags Speedway (FL).  Those events are all big, but they don’t have the magnitude of the All American 400 and the extra distance that the cars will be going.

The race will be 300 laps according to the entry form.  The race will be broken up into two 125-lap segments and then there will be a final 50 lap dash for the win.

Oliver thinks that the change will spark a huge interest in the race.  He also pointed out that nearly 30 cars run the 100-lappers at Nashville each race date.

“I wouldn’t be afraid to say that we’ll have 60 cars for the All American 400,” said Oliver. “It’s going to be a heck of a race and you’ll just have to be there at the end of the night to try and win.

“There is no place like Nashville.  There are so many grooves on the racetrack to run. The tire that we are on does not wear out so three wide is not out of the possibility.”

– By Elgin Traylor, Operations Manager.  Photo credit: Bruce Nuttleman  /

Updated as of 9/3/2014
Car # Name
x2 Dennis Reno
09 Daniel Bolden
1 Sterling Marlin
2 Kyle McCallum
2 John Bolen
5 Bret Holmes
7 John De Angelis Jr
8 Mark Day
9 Michael Bolden
10 Hunter Spivey
11 Stacey Crain
12 Harrison Burton
14 Davey Coble
18 Chase Chaffin
15 Trey Craig
20 Andy Johnson
20 Wendell Mobley
23 Dalton Grindle
26 Willie Allen
28 Jeff O’Neill
29 Anderson Bowen
30 Bobby Knox
30 Micky Cain
33 Dillion Oliver
37 Brian Hoar
40 Tyler Miles
41 Brandon Johnson
43 Justin South
44 Steve LaKing
46 Cole Williams
47 Brian Campbell
47 Dakota Stroup
53 Kyle Ivey
68 Landon Cling
84 Chris Whorton
88 Tucker Wingo
95 Chad Chaffin
97 Josh Weston
99 Casey Smith
129 Spencer Davis
711 Michael House

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