This year Dells Raceway Park (WI) will introduce a new division to its race program.  The 602 Late Models will make their debut at the Wisconsin Dells, WI racetrack.  With strict rules and a lower price point, Dells Owner, Wayne Lensing is excited about what the class can bring to his track.


“We are excited to be able to start this class up,” Lensing told  “There’s been a lot of people that have shared their input, and this is not just something my brain came up with.  We all see the writing on the wall and know the time has come.”


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)In Lensing’s opinion, the time has come to provide a more cost-effective racing solution to those who cannot afford to compete at the high levels of Super Late Model racing.  With a 602 crate sealed motor, Koni sealed shocks and a Michigan style outlaw body, the plan is for this car to sell for around $20,000 turn key.


“The cost of racing is so far out of hand for the working man,” said Lensing.  “Most of them don’t have a chance to ever race a Late Model and are stuck racing the beginner classes so after a while a lot of them quit. I want to have a working man or lady be able to race the Late Model series.  There is room for a series of SLM racing where the cars cost $100,000, where teams are well financed and sponsored, but not weekend warriors.”


With keeping costs low comes a binding rule book, and it is something Lensing is not taking lightly.  Teams caught going outside the rules will receive strict punishment and could face suspensions from Dells Raceway Park and its partner tracks.


“I said these rules will be strict rules,” said Lensing.  “One motor choice, one shock combination. There cannot be options.  The 602 UMA late model is to be run under a very strict set of rules and there are very little options.  If you are caught breaking rules with a major violation you will be banned from racing at any UMA track for one year.”


Even with the strict rules, Lensing has high hopes for the 602 Late Model class this season.  He anticipates a handful of cars to hit the track and to have the class compete in about seven events this year, including their end of season Showdown weekend.


“We hope to have five or six cars for the first season, said Lensing.  “That’s not many, but we believe it will grow. We will do what it takes to get it going.  Some racers have already said they want to go for it, some are scared and afraid if it fails, what will they do with their cars.  However, racers seem to be super enthused about the concept of this class.”


For more information on the 602 Late Model class or to see the rules for the division, please visit


-By Jana Wimmer, Midwest Correspondent – Twitter: @JWimm22

-Photo Credit: Doug Hornickel / photo

Dells Raceway Park Adds Lower Cost Late Model Division