The world’s most powerful short track cars invaded the half-mile of Delaware Speedway on a beautiful Friday night alongside the OSCAAR Open Wheel Modifieds to put on a thrilling display of speed, skill and entertainment. The 75-lap ISMA Supermodified feature race was won by Dave Shullick Jr (#95) and the 25-lap OSCAAR Open Wheel Modified feature race was won by Jeff Showler (#4) after a heated battle with Justin Demelo (#82).


The ISMA Supermodified heat races that were 12 laps in distance each were a tease for fans as they prepared for the 75-lap main event. The opening heat race saw Mike Lichty (#84) win. The field was led to green by the #21 of Eddie Witkum who held the top spot until lap 6 when Timmy Jedrzejek (#97) took the lead on the high side in turn 1, but the caution flag flew for a stopped car on the back straightaway which reverted the position back to the last completed lap. Witkum led until the final corner when Mike Lichty (#84) made a high side pass and beat Witkum to the line by a mere 0.095 seconds. The second heat race was won by Danny Shirey (#49). Danny Shirey (#49) was on the pole for the race with Ben Seitz (#17) to his side. The race got off to a tough start for the #81 of Denny Fischer who made contact with the outside wall in turn 1 and left the race on the back of the tow truck. This made for a complete restart of the race. Danny Shirey would open up to a large lead right away and go on to lead every lap of the race over Seitz, Dave McKnight (#70) and Dave Shullick Jr (#95). The 3rd and final heat race was won by Mike Ordway Jr (#61). The #25 of Dan Bowes led the field to green with Mike Ordway Sr (#61) to his right. Ordway Jr would get a good start and take sole position of the lead and pull away until Mike McVetta (#22) made a run for the lead in the dying laps. Ordway Jr would hold on to the top position and win over McVetta and Dan Bowes.

The 75-lap ISMA Supermodified main event was as loud, thrilling and as exciting as to be expected as the drivers demonstrated their extreme amount of skill and lack of fear. The race was won by Dave Shullick Jr (#95). The field was led to the green flag by #21 Eddie Witkum with the #49 of Danny Shirey alongside him. On lap 10 of the event the lead was taken by the #97 of Timmy Jedrzejek as the #49 of Shirey fell back to 2nd. On lap 12 the caution would come out as the #84 of Mike Lichty came to a stop in turn 4. In just a few laps on the restart the #95 of Dave Shullick Jr made his way from 7th to 4th before the caution flew on lap 14 for a spin in turn 2 by Alison Cumens (#39). After the race got green for a run, Shullick Jr began to make his way forward once again and moved into the 2nd position. Dave McKnight also was a hard charging driver who moved into the 3rd position following Shullick Jr through the field. The caution flag flew on lap 29 for a spin in turn 3 by pole sitter Eddie Witkum. Timmy Jedrzejek continued to lead and paced the field to the green flag for the lap 29 restart but Shullick Jr made a pass coming to the green and began to checkout on the field until Witkum went around again in turn 2 as he attempted to make a pass on Alison Cumens. At the halfway point the caution flag came out for a spin on the back straightaway by Cumens who retired from the event at this point. The race would go green with McKnight moving into 2nd but it was short lived as he blew an engine on lap 47 and left a trail of oil down the entire front straightaway, a heartbreak for one of the local drivers. This would bring out the red flag, also allowing teams to refuel the cars. Once the race went back to green flag it would run the distance as Dave Shullick Jr made it 3 wins in a row for the ISMA Supermodifieds at Delaware Speedway over Timmy Jedrzejek and Mike Ordway Jr.

The OSCAAR Open Wheel Modifieds ran their 12-lap heat races to start the evening with the opening one being won by Gary McLean (#8) after taking the lead on lap 3. On the opening lap Cory Horner (#79h) spun into pit road from the top position but was able to continue without harm. The #79 of John Harper finished 2nd and Luke Gignac (#99) finished 3rd. The second 12-lap heat race was lead to green by Brian McLean (#47) with Justin Demelo (#82) beside him. Demelo would quickly take over the top spot while Jay Christie (#5) moved into 2nd and began to close the gap. On lap 6 an immediate red flag flew for a fire underneath the #41 of Duane Cinnamon. On the ensuing restart Demlo quickly jumped out to a lead while Christie fell into line behind him. Demelo would go on to win the heat race over Christie and Brian McLean.

The 25-lap OSCAAR Modified feature race was won by Jeff Showler (#4). Brian McLean (#47) led the field to the green flag from the pole position with the #79 of John Harper to his side. Harper got the top position early but on the first lap the #12 of David Baylch spun into the first corner and made slight contact with the outside wall, however he was able to continue. On lap 2 Brian McLean took over the top spot again but it was short lived as on lap 7 AJ Emms (#14) made a pass going into turn 3. The caution would fly on lap 8 for a spin in turn 2 by the #97 of Rob Di Venanzo after he slipped in water from his overheating car. Justin Demelo took the lead from Emms on lap 10 while former Delaware champion Jeff Showler (#4) moved into 2nd. The caution came out on lap 13 for Dan Price (#09) going for a spin in turn 1 which appeared to be for some fort of mechanical failure. Just after the restart the #47 of McLean went to the infield with smoke coming out of the rear end as something broke in the rear end of the car. Just a few laps later Jeff Showler took the lead after a heated battle with Justin Demelo before the caution came out on lap 19 for a crash in turn 4 by John Harper that resulted in his car having to be lifted off the track with two tow trucks. The restart would be the final one as the race would finish from this point with Jeff Showler holding off Justin Demelo for the win. Gary McLean (#8) would finish the event in 3rd.

The next event at Delaware Speedway is Friday June 10th as the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds make their first stop at the track alongside the Ground Masters Super Stocks, V8 Stocks, and Fire & Iron Custom Metalwork Bone Stocks. Gates open at 6:00pm and racing gets started just after 7:30pm. Tickets are available online at


Story By: June 3rd, 2016

By Ryan Dyson

Photo Credit: IMSA Pics

Delaware Speedway Thrilling Display Of Speed