Defending Dirt Kings Tour Champion Crowned at Outagamie

Seymour, WI – Tim Buhler led the field to the green flag of the first race of Seubert Triple Crown, sponsored by Seubert Calf Ranches. Buhler led the first lap as Nick Anvelink challenged Buhler for the top spot. Anvelink completed pass for the lead on lap two, going into turn one and Anvelink started to pull away from the field. Ron Berna passed Buhler for second position on lap six and set his sights on Anvelink. Two laps later, the leader started to encounter lapped traffic, but with almost a full straightaway lead, Anvelink continued to pull away from Berna, Brett Swedberg and Troy Springborn.


With no cautions to slow the 30-lap race, Anvelink had to contend with lapped traffic all the way to the checkered flag, with just eight cars remaining on the lead lap. Anvelink went on to win his ninth Dirt Kings Late Model Tour race of his career, visiting the Mueller’s Sales and Service Victory Lane for the first time this season. Berna, Swedberg, Springborn and Justin Reed rounded out the top five, followed by Jared Siefert, Justin Ritchie and Brad Mueller on the lead lap.


Nick Anvelink led the Stockbridge Engineering Touring Kings being crowned King, followed by Ron Berna in second, Brett Swedberg in third, Troy Springborn in fourth, Jared Siefert in sixth, Justin Ritchie in seventh, Justin Schmidt in ninth, Tim Buhler in tenth, Chris Engels in twelfth, and Mark Rose in fifteenth.


The Dirt Kings Tour Educational Engagement Program and Outagamie Speedway hosted the Freedom Auto Club at the track. The Freedom Auto Club enjoyed a pit walk after the heat races and saw first hand tire prep, equipment that teams use in the pits, and witnessed conversations and exchanges between drivers and crews as they made adjustments on their cars for the A-Main.


Seubert Triple Crown Race 1 Unofficial Finish
P1: 15 – Nick Anvelink
P2: 66 – Ron Berna
P3: 3 – Brett Swedberg
P4: 81 – Troy Springborn
P5: 11 – Justin Reed
P6: 25 – Jared Siefert
P7: 70 – Justin Ritchie
P8: 89 – Brad Mueller
P9: 97 – Justin Schmidt
P10: 7b – Tim Buhler
P11: 9 – Tom Naeyaert
P12: 33e – Chris Engels
P13: 03 – Kyle Raddant
P14: 20 – Joe Reuter
P15: 0r – Mark Rose
P16: 55 – Joe Bongiorno
P17: 28v – Chad Vetting
P18: 33s – Ron Stroika
P19: 22 – Charlie Schmidt
P20: 7 – Joel Bennett
P21: 27 – Derek Janke
P22: 10p – Paul Parker


-Dirt Kings Tour Press Release

Defending Dirt Kings Tour Champion Crowned at Outagamie