Andrew Hicken, the crew chief and operator of King Racing, has posted a reward of $1,000 following the theft of his setup notebook Sunday afternoon at Petty International Raceway in New Brunswick, Canada.


Hicken, who was working with driver Cassius Clark during the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North event, told that his entire setup notebook, $1,000 cash and a few business checks were in the notebook.


“It was in the trailer.  It was actually after our feature.  The back door of our trailer was shut and the side door was open,” Hicken explained.  “I had left and 100-percent it was in the cabinet above the bench.  I had just got a check from a customer of mine at the track.  Our truck driver slid the check in my notebook and then went and watched the Sportsman feature with two of our crew guys.”


When speaking about the stolen items, Hicken stated that it’s the eight years of notes that hold more meaning to him than the cash and checks that were also in the notebook.


“I don’t give a s— about the cash.  I can make more money,” he stated.  “I’m a racer and the money is the least of my worries.  Every time we show up to a race track we’re within one or two adjustments of being a race-winning car I feel, and that’s all because of my note taking and what we learn at the track every time we go.


“That’s seven or eight year’s worth of notes since the start of (team owner) Rollie (MacDonald).  A lot of testing, a lot of racing and a lot of race-winning setups in there.”


Using his Facebook page as a platform on Monday afternoon, Hicken offered a $1,000 cash reward for the return of the missing items.  Within an hour of posting the reward, the post had already received nearly 300 shares from members of the racing community.


“It got some traction pretty quick.  I’m not a big social media guy.  Not a lot of people know me I guess, but it’s surprising I guess to see who does pay attention.


“I’ve just been trying to kind of let it do its thing and see if I get anything.  I’m sure if somebody took it for their own benefit, most people if they’re thieves aren’t really smart and like to talk, so I’m hoping it will come out eventually.”


Despite his frustration, Hicken reiterated that all he wants at this point are the setup notes that he and his team have worked hard for over the last eight years.


“I don’t even care if somebody gives it to somebody else.  I could care less about who took it or why they took it, but I’d gladly give them $1,000 to give it back.”


According to Hicken, the notebook is a black leather, zip-up style binder with a King Racing logo on it. Those with any information are encouraged to call or text Hicken at 902-326-0860.


-By Brandon Paul, Editor

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Crew Chief Offers Reward After Theft of Setup Notebook