Over the past few years, the name Danny Creeden has been known as a dominating force around the dirt tracks in the southern tier of New York. The standout Modified driver known as the “DC Express” has claimed race wins and championships all across New York State and into Pennsylvania. In 2018, he is striving for his biggest and best year yet.


The 2017 season saw Creeden claim the Thunder Mountain Speedway (NY) track championship after dominating all year, as well as finish second in points at the Accord Speedway (NY). He would also go on to finish fifth in Brett Deyo’s Short Track Super Series North Division Modified point standings. With 10 wins on the season, you would think that he would be content with the year that he had. In actuality, it is quite the opposite.


“I was pissed off last year, I only won 10 races. I won 14 two years ago, so I like to win. Obviously, I would like to be back up in that realm,” Creeden told Speed51.com. “The past two years we won the most races at Accord out of weekly competition. I did not win a (Brett) Deyo race last year. That was my first time since 2013 that I did not win a Deyo race, so that kinda made me a little angry. The only other downfall is the Lightning on the Mountain, two years in a row I’ve been leading that thing and gotten a flat right rear tire, so that race owes me. That race owes me big time.”


Creeden is hoping to take back his crown at the Accord Speedway (NY) from fellow driver Danny Tyler. He will be piloting Chad Loioice’s brand new Teo Pro Car No. 5L machine around the bullring for his Friday night commitment. Saturdays will find him in a new setting at the Five Mile Point Speedway in Kirkwood, NY in his familiar No. 16x ride.


After the end of the 2017 season, Creeden decided that Five Mile Point would be a good home for him for his Saturday night commute.


“We will go to Five Mile this year and race around, have some fun and see what we can do there,” Creeden stated. “We go good there. To be honest, it’s time for me to win a track championship there. I missed four races there one year and missed winning the championship by 20 points. I got second there when I ran one full year. I got second to Justin Holland. That’s when Justin was on his game. We went up there kinda messing around and then we ended up being as good as we were.”


Creeden’s stats at Five Mile Point are not bad at all. He currently sits 20th on the all-time Modifieds win list with 14 victories to his name, some of which have been in prestigious races at the historic quarter mile. That puts him ahead of dirt racing legends such as Danny Johnson, Brett Hearn, Billy Decker and Bob McCreadie.



Aside from weekly competition, Creeden also plans to chase the Short Track Super Series North Region championship, as well as the Southern Division, depending on his personal schedule. He is also planning on competing at select Big Block Modified events driving the Bill Pascual-owned No. 3. In all, roughly 70 races are scheduled for the DC Express in 2018.


To help with his campaign, Creeden has made the switch from Hig Fab Chassis to Teo Pro Car.


“We have three new Teos and one 2017 Teo,” Creeden exclaimed. “I had Teos years ago and didn’t really have a lot of help. Every Monday morning, Matt Hearn is on the phone with me. He makes sure we’re good and I have anything I need. Matt definitely stepped up his game to help us all out and I hope that is going to carry us a little bit.”


With the help from Teo, he also will have Bedell powerplants underneath the hood of his machines.


“We have three open small blocks, two spec heads and a big block, so we should be pretty good on motors,” Creeden explained. “Danny (Bedell) is going to put one more together for us and then we should be good, we should be really good.”


Creeden’s season is already a few races in, but will really get going in the coming weeks as he chases wins and championships across the Northeast. Follow along on Speed51.com to see Danny and the rest of the Short Track Super Series drivers on our live broadcasts throughout the 2018 season.


-By Evan Canfield, Speed51.com Northeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: Speed51.com / MoJo Photos

Creeden Striving For His Biggest and Best Modified Season