Have you ever experienced a crank trigger failure caused by flying debris? Crane Cams Ignition has the solution! Our Crank Trigger Sensor Guard is a simple, yet effective device that protects your crank trigger pick-up sensor from racetrack debris.


The vulnerable trigger sensor is now installed within thick wall aluminum billet sensor guard housing, providing a 360° shield of protection. This guard can withstand severe impact that would have normally damaged or broken the unprotected pick-up. Designed with a standard ¾”-16 UNF thread, that fits most pick-ups, the guard also serves as a jam nut for tightening the sensor in place.


No more building a shield under the front end of your late model race car, just add the Crane Crank Trigger Sensor Guard to your system.





  • Part Number 1000-2110
  • Save weight, time, and expense of fabricating a protective shroud
  • Standard ¾-16 UNF thread fits all Crane and most other brand sensors available
  • Lightweight but strong design from 6061 T6 aluminum billet
  • Replaces and serves as jam nut for sensor
  • Anodized finish for a professional look
  • Timing status LED light visible though ¼” holes at each flat
  • Protect your investment while avoiding DNF due to breakage


Crane Cams Introduces Crank Trigger Sensor Guard