Salem, IN — The Team Construction Clean Sweep Award is up to $800 for this Saturday’s Bud St. Amant Memorial 125 Presented by Oakley Blacktop and Sizzle Marine event at Columbus Motor Speedway, located in Columbus, Ohio for the ARCA/CRA Super Series Powered by JEGS. Saturday’s race will be the 11th and final appearance for the ARCA/CRA Super Series at Columbus, as the track has been sold and will close for good at the end of this season, its 71st season of competition. The ARCA/CRA Super Series is celebrating its 20th season of competition in 2016, the series had its first ever event on Saturday, April 26, 1997.


No one has claimed the Team Construction Clean Sweep Award so far after five series events in 2016, including SpeedFest 2016, the event at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville, the event at Toledo Speedway the event at Anderson Speedway and the series last point’s event, which was at Baer Field Speedway on May 21st. The bonus was last claimed on September 13th of 2015 by Brian Campbell at Columbus Motor Speedway. The bonus had grown to $500 when Campbell claimed it last. $200 of the bonus for this season rolled over from the last two series events of 2015 were it went unclaimed.


The Team Construction Clean Sweep Award consists of a $100 cash bonus if an event’s EDCO Welding Fast Qualifier can also win that same event. If the fast qualifier fails to win, the $100 cash bonus is then rolled over to the next event until an events fast qualifier wins that same event. After a fast qualifier wins, the award starts over again at $100.


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CRA Team Construction Clean Sweep Award up to $800