Coughlin, Dossey Remain Divided on Anderson Altercation

On a hot night in Central Indiana Saturday night, tempers flared after the conclusion of Saturday’s ARCA/CRA Super Series race at Anderson Speedway between the race-winner Cody Coughlin and runner-up Jack Dossey III on the frontstretch.  The two drivers made contact with each other after the conclusion of the event before Dossey climbed out of his car and ran to Coughlin’s machine to voice his displeasure after the two made contact on several restarts throughout the race.


The two drivers remain split on their opinions regarding what took place Saturday at Anderson Speedway, sharing their thoughts on Monday with Speed51.


Coughlin joined Speed51’s “The Bullring” Monday morning to discuss the events that took place Saturday evening.  The 2016 ARCA/CRA Super Series champion gave his thoughts on what happened on-track and what transpired post-race while on the show.


“As far as the contact goes, it was just a racing deal.  Jack and I talked in the CRA trailer after the race, I just think after I talked to him the way he handled it was pretty sissy, running over with his helmet on and whatnot and didn’t really give me a chance to get out of my car,” Coughlin said.  “He happened to scoot off when I got out, conveniently.  Maybe next time he’d want to take his helmet off and wait until I get out and see what happens, I think it would be a little bit of a different story.”


Saturday’s race marked his second win at Anderson in 2020, another event that had people talking in the days following the event.  In the face of the buzz around short track racing, Coughlin responded with a statement of his own during his appearance on the show.


“I’ll just tell you, people are just whining about me winning.  They’ve never liked me because I’m a blessed person and they just hate it when I win,” he stated.  “A bunch of people talk crap about a couple of the wins I’ve gotten this year with the rule about the Crate and having a weight break if you have a Crate or lower horsepower motor, and kicked their a** in the Super race with it so there were a bunch of whiners down south and everywhere else.  Well I just kicked their a** again and this one was with a big motor.  People just like to talk trash and they’re just losers and good for them, I’ll just keep taking trophies home.”


Dossey was watching Coughlin’s interview on Speed51’s Five Star Race Car Bodies Facebook Feed and chimed in via the comment section at one point.  In a phone call with Speed51, he gave his side of the story as to what happened Saturday while giving his thoughts on what Coughlin had to say.


“It’s just unfortunate to be drove that way.  The way he talked Saturday night in the CRA trailer he was super apologetic and wanting to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,” Dossey told Speed51.  “I had calmed down by then and I was like you know what, I’ll give the dude the benefit of the doubt here.  As soon as he is three or four hours away from me this morning, he wants to change his story.  It’s not necessary to keep it going any further than it already has, why change the story to make me look like I was in the wrong?


“Should I have done that on the frontstretch?  No, probably not.  But it really sets me over the edge when somebody hits my car after the checkered flag is dropped.  That’s where I draw the line and quite frankly, I’m tired of being drove the way I’ve been drove all season.”


It was not the first time Dossey had tangled with another driver on-track this year, after a wild spin off the bumper of another competitor at Lebanon I-44 Speedway at the end of May.  While he takes pride in his clean driving style, he admits that may have to change if incidents like these keep reoccurring.


“Like I told you guys over the weekend, I try to pride myself on being a clean race car driver.  There’s going to be mistakes, there’s going to be times you get into someone, you get into the corner too hard or whatever.  When it’s a reoccurring thing that continues to happen over the course of seasons put together, it does get old.


“Most people don’t come over and say their apologies, whether it’s heartfelt and true or I just got to get this guy off my back here.  Super Late Model racing is changing, maybe I can’t be the ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ I’ve always tried to be.”


Dossey wouldn’t comment on what could possibly happen between the two later on down the road, but he didn’t necessarily shut the door on the incident.


“I’d rather not say because if something were to happen, it’s premeditated.  I try to keep that stuff off of Facebook and out of everybody else’s hands.  It could get interesting, that’s for sure.”


Click here to watch a replay of Monday’s episode of Speed51’s “The Bullring.”


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent

-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo


Coughlin, Dossey Remain Divided on Anderson Altercation