North Carolina racer Kodie Conner will be making the trip north to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (CT) this weekend to help break the ice on the 2018 Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North season. Conner, a two-time runner-up in the PASS South standings, will be showcasing his talents on Sunday, April 7 during his first visit to the Thompson, CT oval.  


Finishing just short of the PASS South title two times over has been a tough pill to swallow for the 17-year-old driver. Wanting to make that extra jump to the top spot and secure his first PASS championship, Conner and his Kodie Conner Racing (KCR) team are doing as much as they can to jolt themselves into contention for PASS South and the PASS National championships. 


“Team KCR as a whole feel as though we need more seat time,” Conner told  “Running for the PASS National points as well as PASS South points, we feel that will be good experience for us.”


Dedicated to overcoming their challenges, KCR is more than willing to invest the time in getting the best results.  As proof, they are beefing up their racing schedule this year.  Not only will they be competing for the PASS South championship, but now Conner and his teams are full steam ahead for the PASS National Championship as well. 


The KCR team has widely expanded their race schedule for the 2018 season in hopes of finding themselves in the position to be the 2018 PASS South and potentially the 2018 PASS National Champion. 


“We definitely are going to be running more races,” Conner said. “We have been doing a few of the CARS Tour races as well to get more seat time. I feel with the little budget that we have its hard for us to compete with the bigger teams.”


In addition to the races in the south, the PASS National Championship will include stops at Thompson and Oxford Plains Speedway (ME) in 2018. 


Not only will Conner be racing a different race track this weekend, but he will be surrounded by new competition. He is looking forward to the challenge of a new race track and also the new talent he’ll be up against as he heads into the weekend. 


“To be able to race at a different race track that I’ve never been at before will benefit me as a driver,” Conner stated.  “As a driver, I’m excited to be going to Thompson this weekend and to be able to experience the different levels of talent. Racing with the north guys, their driving styles are a little bit different than the guys down here. I’m looking to learn from them and to gain extra seat time.”


The idea of getting more seat time was supported by how the Super Late Model teams who run a lot more often are often finding more success. 


“I feel right now, since the past two seasons, I’ve only been running the PASS (South) series. Other drivers, like for instance Matt Craig, runs every PASS race and every CARS Tour race. We feel that if we run a little bit more races we will be able to grow a lot more.”


2018 has some bigger races in store for the Salisbury, NC native. Conner is excited about how his year is starting to line up, running new races and taking another shot at ones in which he’s already competed. 


“We have been going to the Oxford 250 for the past two years and we do plan on running the Oxford 250 again this year. I know PASS is going to be running at Richmond International Raceway, I’m very excited about that. I think that’s a good deal and I’m stoked.” 


-By Kendra Adams, Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: Kodie Conner Racing

Conner Heading North for PASS Icebreaker at Thompson