Chris Thorne grabbed the lead away from Brenton Parritt on lap 50 and captured the halfway bonus of $100 on the lap 57 break. Thorne was unable to make the top 4 transfer spot in his heat and went onto the LCQ in which he won and collected another $100 bonus. Jeff Burgess had the pole for the 114, thanks to his 50 lap qualifier win from 3 weeks ago that guaranteed him the top spot, or else he would have started 7th after finishing 2nd in heat 2. Burgess led the first 40 circuits until he succumbed to carburetor failures under a lap 40 caution that he tried to fight off since lap 12. He was unable to finish the race giving the lead to Will Collins for a restart. Collins would hold it for 3 laps until Brenton Parritt would take charge to lap 50 where Thorne gained command and Paul White shortly followed in 2nd. From halfway to lap 93 it was all Thorne and Paul White, with Thorne leading the majority but White able to sneak in a few laps at the line, as he tried to work the bottom groove. Rowland Robinson capitalized on the lap 94 restart, moving from 5th to 2nd in a short amount of time and putting the pressure on Thorne ’til the end. Nick Hinckley had been consistant all day, sitting outside the top 3 for the second half. He managed to find a groove around the high side of Paul White at lap 110 just before the last caution at lap 111 to set a 3 lap sprint. With Thorne and Robinson on the front row, Thorne chose the top side and cleared Robinson the next lap into turn 3 to lead the remaining laps to the checker. Hinckley took 3rd, Paul White 4th, and Brenton Parritt settled the top 5.

From Track Facebook – 5th Turn Photo

2014 Long John 114 Official Results
1st – 17 Chris Thorne 
2nd – 28 JR Rockin Robinson
3rd – 15 Nick Hinckley
4th – 115 Paul White
5th – 27 Brenton Parritt
6th – 24 Deane Smart
7th – 5 John Kalel Jr.
8th – 01 Andy Saunders 
9th – 1 Ricky Burgess Jr.
10th – 15 David Folsom Sr.
11th – 13 Dustan Hubbard
12th – 14 Boss Hogg St. Clair
13th – 25 Will Collins
14th – 9 Dylan Turner
15th – 21 Travis Beale
16th – 53 Zach Audet
17th – 20 Wayne Parritt Jr.
18th – 32 Nick Jenkins
19th – 10 Joey Doyon
20th – 19 Duane Seekins
21st – 33 Josh St. Clair
22nd – 44 Karl Stanhope
23rd – 7 Danny Smart
24th – 6 Travis Dunbar
25th – 4 Ben Erskine
26th – 26 Andrew McLaughlin
27th – X Jeff Burgess
28th – 2 Milo Haney
29th – 30 Ryan St. Clair
DNS – 34 DJ Moody – 88x Wes Turner – 4 Bob Leighton – 52 Dana Wilbur

Chris Thorn Grabs Long John Race at Unity