#Chasing100: Majeski One Win Away From Major Feat

At the young age of 25 years old, Ty Majeski has the chance to join an elite club this weekend.  The Seymour, Wisconsin native will make his way to the National Short Track Championship at Rockford Speedway (IL) with an opportunity to win the 100th race of his career.


While there will always be debates comparing the new generation vs. the old generation, dirt vs. pavement and Late Models vs. Modifieds, the simple fact is that winning 100 races at any level of motorsports is a rare feat.


At this point, it isn’t a matter of whether or not Majeski will win 100 races; it’s simply a question of when he’ll join the elite club of drivers to hit the century mark.  After logging his 99th career victory last weekend in the Falloween 150 at Dells Raceway Park (WI), Majeski will have more eyes than normal on him this weekend as he chases 100.


When he gets his 100th win, he will cement himself in the region as one of the best. That’s a hard thing to say when he hails from the same state as a guy named Dick Trickle.


After winning 100 races, there is no special award given to you.  There is no gold jacket handed out or a spoof skit like on Saturday Night Live for “The Five Timers Club.”  It’s simply a number.  Or is it?


Take into consideration today that an average Late Model season is between 10-15 races.  If you don’t leave your region, you race maybe 20 times.  Say you’re lucky enough to race in a region that has double features, maybe your start total is pushed up into the 30s.


Some of the Georgia drivers in recent history like Chase Elliott, Spencer Davis and Bubba Pollard managed to run north of 40 races in a season.  However, that was running nearly every weekend.  When you race like that, you have to travel.


Majeski is lucky enough to live in a region that is as healthy as anything around on the asphalt side, which allows him to compete more frequently in his Super Late Model.  But gone are the days of competing at six tracks within an hour’s distance in one week.


To win 100 races these days, you have to be good.  Year after year.  Track after track.  Time after time.  That’s what Ty Majeski has been in nearly everything he’s climbed behind the wheel of.  From Florida to California to Wisconsin, Majeski is a proven winner.


Some of the more notable drivers below who have eclipsed the century mark are hard to track.  Races were held more often back in the day, races were shorter, and records were not as complete.


Notable All-Time Wins

Steve Kinser – Over 1000

Dick Trickle – Over 1000

Brett Hearn – 912

Joe Shear – Over 600

Scott Bloomquist – Over 600

Ronnie Sanders – 535

Sammy Swindell – Over 500

Billy Moyer – Over 500

Riche Evans – Over 481

Bubba Pollard – 131 pavement Late Model wins


Note: We understand that these records maybe incomplete. These are some of the numbers that have been tossed around when these names are mentioned.


-Story by: Elgin Traylor, Speed51 Correspondent

-Photo credit: Speed51photos.com

#Chasing100: Majeski One Win Away From Major Feat