For the final BioBased.US Midwest Supermodified Association race at Lorain County Speedway for the 2014 season, a short field of cars put on a very clean and entertaining race, culminating with “Chargin'” Charlie Schultz picking up his second MSA win of 2014.  The day began with Mike McVetta fastest in two practice sessions with a lap time of 12.243 seconds.  Trent Stephens then picked up fast time of the evening at 12.093 seconds.  Kyle Edwards won the first heat race by a half straightaway over Kevin Jaycox Jr., whereas Schultz won the second over Jim Paller.
The front row of the thirty lap BioBased.US Midwest Supermodified Association feature was the Joe & Crystal Gillingham owned #5 ride driven by Sondi Eden, flanked by the Rhode Law Offices sponsored #07 of Kevin Jaycox Jr.  On the drop of the green however, these two cars went to the back of the field giving the lead to Danny Shirey in the #49 Kasper Auto Group sponsored Bodnar chassis.  On lap 3, fans on the front straightaway got a quick answer as to why the #07 Jaycox car was struggling as the right front hub broke, sending the tire down into Turn 1 but leaving the car on the inside of the track near the flagstand.  For the restart, Shirey would lead Charlie Schultz, AJ Lesiecki, Jim Palller, and Jon Henes.
Kyle Edwards in the BioBased.US sponsored #11 took the 5th running spot on the restart with the rest of the top 5 staying stable for about ten laps.  With 13 laps in, Shirey got tight giving Charlie Schultz a chance to catch and pass him for the lead in the #7 Frank May Garage/Design Engineering Inc. sponsored car.  Schultz immediately began expanding his lead.  On lap 19, Jim Paller in the Precision Welding #64 got around the other Frank May Garage sponsored car, the #77 of AJ Lesiecki, for the 3rd position.  Lesiecki would pull off track on lap 22, giving Edwards fourth and Jon Henes in the #36 Perfection Fabricators car 5th.  On lap 26, Paller passed Shirey for 2nd place, but that was as far as he would move up in the running order as the laps wound down, with Charlie Schultz picking up the win by a half straightaway over Paller, Shirey, Edwards, and Henes.  Mike McVetta in the #22 Perfection Fabricators sponsored Ketchup ‘n’ Mustard Special, Trent Stephens in the #19 Shaeffer’s Racing Oil sponsored car, and Sondi Eden in the #5 sponsored car rounded out the finishing order.
Schultz thanked his car owners, Dave & Lori May, and crew in post race interviews.  He also said that 3rd place finisher Danny Shirey and him were near equal until about halfway when the #49 got tight, which is when Charlie got under and around him.  Second place finisher Jim Paller mentioned that he broke the streak of bad luck that he had this year at Lorain County Speedway in his interview.  In the previous two LCS races, the car had taken two violent flips off of Turn 3, so he gave his crew a well deserved commendation for putting it back together and making it fast to boot.  Third place finisher Danny Shirey said post race, “I want to thank Rich and Steve and the entire Stout crew for the opportunity to drive this car.  I got the call Wednesday to drive it and we struggled all day today to get me comfortable in the car.  About halfway, we got tight, but we still held them off for a solid 3rd place”, finished Shirey, the defending Lorain County August race winner.
Box Score MSA Lorain County Speedway 8/9/14
1)22- Mike McVetta 12.243, 2)19- Trent Stephens 12.313, 3)11- Kyle Edwards 12.395, 4)64- Jim Paller 12.418,
5)07- Kevin Jaycox Jr. 12.437, 6)7- Charlie Schultz 12.536, 7)49- Danny Shirey 12.649, 8)77- AJ Lesiecki 12.656,
9)36- Jon Henes 12.707, 10)5- Sondi Eden 12.859
1)19- Trent Stephens 12.093, 2)11- Kyle Edwards 12.1, 3)64- Jim Paller 12.254, 4)77- AJ Lesiecki 12.315,
5)7- Charlie Schultz 12.405, 6)36- Jon Henes 12.454, 7)49- Danny Shirey 12.513, 8)07- Kevin Jaycox Jr. 12.541,
9)22- Mike McVetta 12.569, 10)5- Sondi Eden 12.932
Heat #1
1)11- Kyle Edwards, 2)07- Kevin Jaycox Jr., 3)36- Jon Henes, 4)77- AJ Lesiecki, 5)5- Sondi Eden
Heat #2
1)7- Charlie Schultz, 2)64- Jim Paller, 3)19- Trent Stephens, 4)49- Danny Shirey, 5)22- Mike McVetta
1)7- Charlie Schultz, 2)64- Jim Paller, 3)49- Danny Shirey, 4)11- Kyle Edwards, 5)36- Jon Henes,
6)22- Mike McVetta, 7)19- Trent Stephens, 8)5- Sondi Eden, 9)77- AJ Lesiecki, 10)07- Kevin Jaycox Jr.​

Charlie Schultz Captures MSA Win at Lorain County