Change Starters Quickly With New Product From Tilton

Since the company’s inception in 1972, Tilton Engineering has operated with the mission of supplying innovative, high-quality products at an affordable price for racers. Since beginning their journey in the Trans-Am Racing world, Tilton has entered the short track racing market and provided the latest in clutch and bellhousing technology.

Now, 47 years after the company was created by Mac and Adelle Tilton, Tilton Engineering continues to provide innovative products that helps racers of all kinds finish races and win races all over the world.


Recently, the company was on hand during the PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis to promote a number of their products, including a new bellhousing kit for Super Late Model racers, the lightest offered by Tilton.


“With our new package, it’s what we call our ‘Lightweight 992 Ultra Bellhousing Kit,’” said Tilton Engineering’s Jeff Neal. “It’s a flat bottom design that matches up to all the low-profile transmissions. The Ultra Clutch weighs about eight pounds, it’s the lightest clutch that Tilton carries for Super Late Model racing or Pro Late. It’s two or three disc, it’s offered for Chevy or Crate motors.”


In addition to being lightweight, the new kit offers teams the ability to change starters in a very short amount of time, saving teams valuable track time on any given day at the track.


“Another big feature is traditionally, the rear-mount bell housing kits have a starter block pattern that makes it very hard to change starters quickly,” he said. “So with our new setup, there’s two starter bolts on the side of the bellhousing. Quick and easy access, you can change a starter in five minutes if you’re prepared, versus thirty minutes. You don’t lose valuable track time if you lose a starter.”


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-Story by: Koty Geyer, State Editor (IN/MI) – Twitter: @kgeyer3
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Change Starters Quickly With New Product From Tilton