Jefferson, WI – After a few weeks off from racing at Wisconsin’s Action Track, Edgerton’s Casey Johnson returned to action and parked his familiar #5 Late Model in victory lane. The three time track champion has raced at Jefferson Speedway three times in 2017 and has two wins and runner up to show for his efforts.


The Culver’s of Johnson Creek 50 lap Late Model main event began with Kyle Smith and Dylan Schuyler pacing the stacked field of drivers to the green flag. Schuyler took control of the point as they exited turn four to complete lap number one. Smith fell in line behind Schuyler with Stephen Scheel racing up to third. The first of three yellow flag periods appeared on lap eight when Stephen Sauer spun off turn two. Schuyler led the field back to green as they raced single file at the front. The second caution came on lap 14 when Shaun Scheel spun in turn four after contact with Luke Westenberg. While still under the yellow, the leader began to leak fluid onto the racing surface. Schuyler was forced to retire for the evening, handing the lead Smith with Stephen Scheel in second. As racing got back underway, Scheel quickly tried to make his move on the new leader. On lap 16, the two made contact racing off turn two. They slid up the track, collecting Ovadal and ending with all three drivers in the backstretch wall. After the cleanup, it was now Casey Johnson at the front of the pack with Steve Dobbratz in his rear view mirror. Johnson began to stretch his advantage once the green waved over the field again. Michael Grueneberg sliced his way up to second as he looked to cut into Johnson’s already large lead. But Johnson remained in control as he cruised to the checkers to score the win. Grueneberg was second with Dale Nottestad, Jason Erickson and Kody Hubred rounding out the top five.


Round two of the Sportsman Challenge went solidly to Robert Hansberry Jr of Beloit. Hansberry won both of the twin 25 lap feature events to claim the overall title. Jake Biever and Bryce Miller led the field to green for the first feature with Miller taking the early lead. After an early caution on lap two, Jim Tate Jr drove to the high side of Miller to take away the lead. On lap six, contact between Bobby Selsing and Jay Kalbus ended when both wrecked into turn three collecting several other drivers. After the caution, Mark Deporter slipped by Miller for second with Terry Wangsness in his tracks for third. Wangsness continued forward, passing Deporter on lap nine to take over second with Hansberry in tow for third. Hansberry went to work on Wangsness as they two battled for the second position. After two attempts, Hansberry completed the pass on lap 17 and began to close the gap on Tate at the front. On lap 21, Deporter began to slow with problems as the caution waved once again. Tate led the field on the restart with Hansberry now right on his rear bumper. Hansberry quickly drove to the high side of Tate as the due raced side by side for the lead. They flew past the white flag with nothing settled to begin to final lap. As they crossed the stripe to complete the race, it was Hansberry with a half car advantage to get the win. Tate settled for second followed by Wangsness, Tony Ciano and Selsing.


The second feature saw Ed Jackson take the initial lead on lap one until a caution slowed the pace. Jackson led the field back to green with Jake Biever in second. On lap five, Biever drew even with Jackson while Josh Madell and Bobby Selsing raced for third behind them. One lap later, the leaders raced four wide off turn two. The result was a multi car melee down the back stretch that ended with Jackson and Wangsness paying the biggest price and forcing another yellow. Racing restarted with Madell on the point and Hansberry already up to second. The two leaders began to separate themselves from the pack as Hansberry sized up Madell. On lap nine, Hansberry got under Madell as they entered turn one. A lap later, Hansberry was out front alone and checking out on his way to the win. Madell finished second with Tony Ciano, Jay Kalbus and Jim Tate Jr completing the top five.


Sun Prairie’s Joe Cross was awarded the win in the 20 lap International feature event. Chris Jackson and Dillon Scott raced for control on lap one. Ashley Gottschalk joined the battled as they race three wide on lap two for the top spot. Gottschalk got clear on lap three just before Scott got crossed up and spun to force the caution. Gottschalk and Cross led the field back to green, this time with Cross gaining the advantage. Chris Gottschalk raced up to third and began to challenge his wife, Ashley, for the second position. But Chris began to fade giving second back to Ashley until the caution flew on lap 12. Cross and Ashley Gottschalk led the field back to green with Cross once again taking the lead. Jamie Kohn fired up next to Gottschalk to steal second on lap 15. With two laps remaining, Kohn peeked to the low side of Cross looking to lead. Kohn drew even with Cross on the final lap. As they raced to the checkers wheel to wheel, it was Kohn with the very slight advantage. But following post-race inspection, Kohn was forced to vacate his finishing position, handing the win to Cross. Noah Pankow was second followed by Ashley Gottschalk, Josh Marx and Neil Higgins.


In Hobby Stock action, it was Jared Vike from Sussex who lead every lap and held off a challenge to get the win in the 25 lap feature. Vike lead lap one from the pole as the field began to stack up behind him. This forced the sole caution of the race. Vike led the field back to green with Lucas Buckingham in second. Meanwhile, AJ Lloyd was charging his way through the field and into the top five by lap six. Lloyd got himself to third by lap seven as he went to work on Buckingham for second. Lloyd drove to the high side of Buckingham, taking away the second position on lap nine. Lloyd began reeling in Vike at the front, catching the leader and beginning to search for away by. Lloyd made several attempts to get a good run, but Vike fended off his challenge each time. At the checkers, it was Vike for the win with Lloyd settling for a close second. Chester Williams come home in third followed by Buckingham and Bud Riedner.


Fort Atkinson’s Tyler Deporter captured the 20 lap Bandit feature event. Barrett Hummelmaier took the early lead on lap one with Josh Lenz up to second. On lap four, the duo made contact allowing Deporter to fire past into the lead. Lenz tried to come back strong on the low side, but Deporter moved out into control. Chad Olds raced his way up to second as he tried to close in on Deporter. But Deporter was already on his way to the checkers to get the win. Olds was second followed by Jeremy Bredeson, Lenz and DJ Hill.


West Bend’s Aaron Moyer grabbed another win in the 20 lap Legends feature event. David McCalla took the lead on lap one with Mark Ritger in second. Ritger fell off the pace on lap two handing second to Brady Fox-Rhode. After a caution on lap three, McCalla and Fox-Rhode paced the field back to green with Fox-Rhode taking control. Moyer charged up to third on lap four behind Dilon Schwanbeck. Moyer got to second on lap five and began to reel in Fox-Rhode. At the halfway point of the race, Moyer dove under the leader, grabbing control of the top spot on lap 11. But Fox-Rhode used the crossover move to get back past Moyer a lap later. Not to be outdone, Moyer used the same crossover move to retake possession of the lead, this time for good. Moyer flew to the checkers while Fox-Rhode held off Riley Stenjem to finish in second. Rounding out the top five were Max McNamara and Schwanbeck.


Next Saturday, July 15, is O’Reilly Auto Parts night as well as the Toys for Tots event. Bring a new toy or game to donate and receive vouchers for Jefferson Speedway concessions. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.



Late Model-

Feature Results- 1) Casey Johnson, Edgerton  2) Michael Grueneberg, Madison  3) Dale Nottestad, Cambridge  4) Jason Erickson, Fort Atkinson  5) Kody Hubred, Cambridge  6) Steve Dobbratz, Rio  7) Nick Nolden, Sun Prairie  8) Shaun Scheel, Lake Mills 9) Luke Westenberg, Jefferson  10) Don Gaserude, Fort Atkinson  11) Ed Wolff III, Watertown  12) Tony Koepke, Jefferson  13) Kyle Taylor, Deerfield  14) Kyle Smith, Lake Mills  15) Stephen Scheel, Lake Mills  16) John Ovadal Jr, Watertown  17) Dylan Schuyler, Jefferson  18) Steven Sauer, Waterloo

Fast Qualifier- Jason Erickson—14.131 seconds

Last Chance- Tony Koepke, Steven Sauer, Ed Wolff III, Kyle Taylor

Consy- Andy Brocker, Lincoln Keeser

Heat Winners- 1) Andy Brocker  2) Tony Koepke  3) Dylan Schuyler  4) Michael Grueneberg



Feature #1 Results- 1) Robert Hansberry Jr, Beloit  2) Jim Tate Jr, Doylestown  3) Terry Wangsness, Jefferson  4) Tony Ciano, Janesville  5) Bobby Selsing, Johnson Creek  6) Dustin Ward, Waterloo  7) Josh Madell, Mayville  8) Bryce Miller, Columbus  9) Dan Schmidt, Farmington  10) Jake Biever, Janesville  11) Jason Kubicz, Whitewater  12) Ed Jackson, Madison  13) Dan Silberhorn, Fond du Lac  14) Mark Deporter, Fort Atkinson  15) Jay Kalbus, Whitewater  16) Boyd Eichelkraut, Stoughton  17) Jim Taylor, Stoughton  18) Jason Thoma, Jefferson  19) Chris Chenoweth, Watertown

Feature #2 Results- 1) Robert Hansberry Jr  2) Josh Madell  3) Tony Ciano  4) Jay Kalbus  5) Jim Tate Jr  6) Terry Wangsness  7) Bobby Selsing  8) Jim Taylor  9) Chris Chenoweth  10) Bryce Miller  11) Jason Kubicz  12) Boyd Eichelkraut  13) Dan Schmidt  14) Dan Silberhorn  15) Jason Thoma  16) Ed Jackson  17) Jake Biever  18) Dustin Ward

Overall Results- 1) Robert Hansberry Jr  2) Tony Ciano  3) Jim Tate Jr  4) Terry Wangsness  5) Josh Madell

Fast Qualifier- Robert Hansberry Jr—14.849 seconds

Heat Winners- 1) Dustin Ward  2) Tony Ciano



Feature Results- 1) Joe Cross, Sun Prairie  2) Noah Pankow, Jefferson  3) Ashley Gottschalk, Fort Atkinson  4) Josh Marx, Dousman  5) Neil Higgins, Watertown  6) Chris Gottschalk, Fort Atkinson  7) Adam Schook, Palmyra  8) Chris Jackson, Jefferson  9) Dillon Scott, Rio  10) Jason Uttech, Watertown  11) Jamie Kohn, Madison

Fast Qualifier- Mark English—15.933 seconds

Heat Winners- 1) Joe Cross  2) Mark English


Hobby Stock-

Feature Results- 1) Jared Vike, Sussex  2) AJ Lloyd, Loves Park (IL)  3) Chester Williams, Waukesha  4) Lucas Buckingham, Whitewater  5) Bud Riedner, Waunakee  6) Chuck Egli, Waterloo  7) Dan Snyder, Madison  8) Jon Benninger, Windsor  9) Robby Robinson, Orfordville  10) Jamie Tate, Doylestown  11) Kenny Storkson, Indianford  12) Jim Robinson, Orfordville  13) Andy Raley, Fall River  14) Jessica Breunig, Columbus  15) Jordan Egli, Waterloo  16) Brandon Angileri, Beloit  17) Eric Bennett, Beloit  18) Phil Wuesthoff, Beaver Dam

Fast Qualifier- AJ Lloyd—15.682 seconds

Heat Winners- 1) Jamie Tate  2) Phil Wuesthoff



Feature Results- 1) Tyler Deporter, Fort Atkinson  2) Chad Olds, Whitewater  3) Jeremy Bredeson, Deforest  4) Josh Lenz, Lake Mills  5) DJ Hill, Watertown  6) Bill Kohn, Madison  7) Bart Brockman, Rockford (IL)  8) Cade Watters, Sun Prairie  9) Barrett Hummelmaier, Beaver Dam  10) Carter Watters, Sun Prairie  11) Matt Weber, Whitewater  12) Tyler Edmundson, Janesville

Fast Qualifier- Chad Olds—14.151 seconds

Heat Winners- 1) Josh Lenz  2) Bill Kohn



Feature Results- 1) Aaron Moyer, West Bend  2) Brady Fox-Rhode, Loretto (MN)  3) Riley Stenjem, Stoughton  4) Max McNamara, McHenry (IL)  5) Dilon Schwanbeck, Poynette  6) Ryan Weyer, Hubertus  7) Cole Grey, Endeavor  8) David McCalla, Cedar Rapids (IA)  9) Noah Eisenhouer, Freeport (IL)  10) Rick Schaefer, West Bend  11) Mark Ritger, Elkhart Lake  12) Derek Mueller, Verona  13) Lucas Stevenson, Janesville  14) Frank Beutel, Stoughton

Fast Qualifier- Aaron Moyer—15.543 seconds

Heat Winners- 1) David McCalla  2) Brady Fox-Rhode


Jefferson Speedway Press Release. Photo Credit: Mark Melchiori

Johnson Returns to Victory Lane at Jefferson Speedway