WINCHESTER, N.H. —The engines fired for one last time on Saturday to conclude the 2015 season at Monadnock Speedway. With all five weekly divisions, plus young guns, big wheel races, spectator races, school bus rides, and the great school bus race, the season finale was action packed and full of fun.


The grand finale for Monadnock’s 2015 season contained one of the best Sportsman Modified races all year. The race claimed an early victim as youngster TJ Bleau lost control coming off of turn 4, and backed it up toward the wall by the start finish line. The unfortunate resting place for Bleau spelled doom for NASCAR NH Rookie of the Year Jason Barden, who’s left front clipped the left rear bar of Bleau, causing heavy damage to the to  the #27. At the front of the pack, some familiar faces took command as points champion Bill Kimball looked to chase down 2nd place Scott MacMichael and Keith Carzello, who ran out front.


Behind the front three, a battle for fourth panned out between Nathan Johnson, Eric Leclair, Chris Ignazio, Trevor Bleau, and Ben Byrne. As the laps ticked down, Bleau and Byrne came together in the middle of turn 3 and 4 brining out another caution.


Leveling out the field caused for some exciting racing on the restart, but Carzello had too much and was able to hold off MacMichael’s challenge for the lead.


When the #43 of Kimball started to make up ground, you started to think it would become three horse race, but the track champion didn’t have enough laps to make up the ground.


Carzello’s win means he was honored in victory lane for the last three races, as he swept the double feature event last time out on September 19th.


Anyone who has been keeping up with the Young Guns series this year must know by now that Alexander Pearl knows the fastest way around the ¼ mile oval. Since coming in 2nd on July 11th, Pearl has taken home first place in his #43 every week that he was in attendance, spanning 5 weeks.


Saturday was no different, as the young man destined to make the jump to a points division (Mini-stocks perhaps) took home what would amount to be his 6th victory in row.


The last Young Guns driver not named Pearl to win, Dan Starkweather had a strong outing as he paced the field for much of the 15 lap feature, before Pearl caught and passed him for the win. Dylan Morse in the #00 was able to hold off Justin Littlewood’s #37 and grab the final place on the podium.


Kris Kristolaitis brought the #28 home in first place in the Lightning Stock main event. Point champion Tim LeBlanc made up a ton of ground in the last few laps to close the gap and make for an exciting finish eventually coming 2nd behind Kristolaitis. Ben Williams came across the line in third place with Tim Paquette, Hillary Renaud, Jim Drew, Justin Littlewood, Eric Silvernale, Dylan Morse, and Garrett Kuhn rounding out the top 10 in a packed lightning stock field.


Joel Monahan had a tremendous final day on Super Saturday as the Monahan Trucking driver brought home victory in 2 events.


First, Monahan came out on top in the final Mini-Stock feature of the season, out wheeling Solomon Brow and Matt Kimball for the win. Points champion for Mini Stocks Eric Pomasko was not in the field due to a mechanical problem with his engine.


Monahan then strapped into his Super Stock #03 and out ran Chris Curtis, Joe Bates, John Lavoie, Tom O’Sulliavn, and points champion Dennis Stange to claim his second victory of the evening.


The Thuderstock finale was missing points champion David Greenslit due to being on his honeymoon, but his car was there, being driven by Larry Riendeau. The #20 of Riendeau had a strong run coming across in 5th on the night.


Ahead of him on the track a battle for the top four spots was going down between Greg Williams, Marshall Usher, James Nowakowski, and Craig Chaffee.


As the laps clicked off Chaffee led the field as Nowakowski fought to hold off Usher. Williams came on strong at the end and threw his hat into the ring, causing the final few laps to have an elevated level of excitement.


When the checkered flag flew, Chaffee stood victorious as Nowakowski held Usher off for the runner up spot.


The Spectator races featured some of the fans trying their hand at the high banked ¼ mile oval. Early favorite Aaron Kenny’s Subaru WRX looked strong in his heat, but the feature saw Kevin Carey take home the victory in his black Dodge Neon.


As for the great school bus race, one champion out dueled the rest and Tim LeBlanc showed everyone that he can drive just about anything fast as he lapped the rest of the field.


For fans of Monadnock Speedway the final days’ events were just as exciting and action packed as they were throughout the summer. The offseason seem long, but before you know it, April will be here again and they will be firing the engines at the Monadnock Speedway once more.


-Monadnock Speedway Press Release & Photo


Monadnock Speedway Official Results – October 10, 2015

Super Stock Finish: Joel Monahan, Chris Curtis, Joe Bates, John Lavoie, Tom O’Sulliavn, Dennis Stange, Dylan Bodreau, Josh King, Tyler Leary, Cole Littlewood, Nancy Muni, Jack McClay, Duane Noll, Bryan Laquire, Glenn Noll, Alyssa Rivera, Robert Hagar


Sportsman Modified Finish: Keith Carzello, Scott MacMichael, Bill Kimball, Nathan Johnson, Eric Leclair, Chris Ignazio, Trevor Bleau, Ben Byrne, Jason Barden, Sean Bodreau, Victoria Bergenty, Rich Hammann, Cameron Sontag


Lightning Stock: Kris Kristolaitis, Tim Leblanc, Ben Williams, Tim Paquette, Hillary Renaud. Jim Drew, Justin Littlewood, Eric Silvernale, Dylan Morse, Garrett Kuhn, Leon Keniston, Josh Houle, Pat Houle, Dan Starkweather


Thunder Stock Finish: Craig Chaffee, James Nowakowski, Marshall Usher, Greg Williams, Larry Riendeau, Richard Vincent, Joe Ethier, Dam Comeau, Caleb Cashman, Michell Leh, Paul Smith, Chris Lawrence


Mini Stock Finish: Joel Monahan, Solomon Brow, Matt Kimball, Dana Shepard, Kevin McKnight, Cole Littlewood, Mike McGoldrick, Kevin Russell, Jim Drew, Cameron Sontag. DNS Eric Pomasko


Young Gun Finish: Alex Pearl, Dan Starkweather, Dylan Morse, Justin Littlewood, Chase Curtis, Hailey Guy, Bow Smith, Shelby Avery, Colton Smith

Carzello Wins Third Straight to Close Mondadnock Season