Winchester, NH: This past Saturday at Monadnock Speedway was filled with racing fun. The inaugural Winchester 200 was a race that will be talked about for a long time.


The Young Guns started their night out with Alex Barden on the pole and Chase Curtis taking the outside. Right from the green Barden led 14 of the 15 lap feature event. Curtis made his move on the last lap taking over that top position and taking the checkered for the second time this year. Top five finishers were Chris Curtis, Alex Barden, Shelby Avery, Nick Peabody, and Chloe Wright.


The 25 lap Lightning Stock feature event started with Tim Paquette on the pole and Pat Houle on the outside. This division always brings on the excitement of short track racing. With the battle upfront starting right on lap 1 Pat Houle took over the lead and Justin Littlewood moved his way to the top three before the caution flag was thrown for a car flip on lap 5. Eric Silvernale hit the front wall and just like it was a slow motion video the car flipped onto its roof. Silvernale was out of his car giving the arm wave to the crowd. On the restart the rookie Littlewood took over the second place position while Houle kept his lead right to the end. The top five finishers were Pat Houle, Justin Littlewood, Richard Whipple, Tim Leblanc, and Tim Paquette.


The Mini Stocks 25 lap feature event was lead out by Cole Littlewood and Mike McGoldrick. Right from the green Littlewood pulled out bringing Kimball up to second which left Julia Raymond to take over the third position from Kevin McKnight. Kimball made his move on Littlewood on lap 5 taking the lead and Raymond quickly fell into the second position. Raymond took over the lead from Kimball on the next lap giving her the lead for her first appearance at the speedway in 2016. Her lead quickly slowed and eventually she pulled into the infield on lap 14 leaving Jarod Soucy in the lead. Caution was brought out on lap 18 by Ethan Marsh. On the restart Solomon Brow tried his hardest to take over that lead position from Soucy but didn’t quite make it. The top five finishers were Jarod Soucy Solomon Brow, Eric Poamsko, Matt Kimball and Cole Littlewood.


The Super Stocks started their feature with Nancy Muni Ruot on the pole and Joel Monahan on the outside. On lap 1 Monahan gained the lead position. On lap 4 Muni Ruot dropped off the track which left Chris Curtis in the second position and Dennis Stange in third. Monahan kept a nice distance between him and the rest of the pack, but with 5 laps to go he started to come onto lap traffic.  On the last lap a car gets turned around, no caution, and Monahan took the checkered. Top five finishers were Joel Monahan, Chris Curtis, Dennis Stange, Tyler Leary, and Duane Noll.


The Sportsman Modifieds brought out the excitement for their feature event. Jason Barden had the pole with Brian Robie on the outside. With one lap in the books the first caution was brought out. On the restart Trevor Bleau quickly moved up to take the lead and once again the caution came out. Bleau in the lead with Nathan Johnson and Keith Carzello right behind him on the restart. On lap 4 Carzello took over second and Bill Kimball took over third. Caution 3 came out on lap 7 when Ben Byrne attempted three wide on the outside and went up to the wall. On lap 11 Tyler Jarvenpaa takes over the fourth spot and caution 4 came out for Brian Robie. On the restart Bleau took back a second place position and started to work on the front runner. Lap 21 brought out the fifth caution for Jarvenpaa who spun in turns 3 and 4. A single file restart keeps Carzello in the lead. Caution 6 came out for Jarvenpaa again on lap 22. Another single file restart brought Nathan Johnson the opportunity that he needed to take over the third position, but on lap 26 the seventh caution came out for Johnson and Bleau when Bleau attempted to pass in turn three beneath the race surface and washed up into Johnson. With two laps to go Jarvenpaa had worked his way back up into the top five. The top five finishers were Keith Carzello, Bill Kimball, Kim Rivet, Cameron Sontag, and Tyler Jarvenpaa.


MTS Modifieds: Ryan Preece, Eric Goodale, Matt Hirschman, Jon Mckennedy, Chris Pasteryak, Mike Holdridge, Andy Jankowiank, Todd Patnode, Scott Macmichael, Eric Lecalir, Les Hinckley, Rowan Pennick, Kirk Alexander, Josh King, Calvin Carroll, Joe Doucette, Richard Savary, Trevor Bleau, John Kay, Anthony Sesely, Jeff Gallup, Karl Frederickson


Sportsman Modifieds: Keith Carzello, Bill Kimball, Kim Rivet, Cameron Sontag, Tyler Jarvenpaa, Andrew Les, Nathan Johnson, Brian Robie, Trevor Bleau, Eric Leclair, Michael Chamberlain, Jason Barden, Ralph Flannery, Ben Byrne, Geoff Rollins, Frank Hirt


Super Stocks: Joel Monahan, Chris Curtis, Dennis Stange, Tyler Leary, Duane Noll, Rich Fournier, Robert Hagar, Alan Griffin, James Beck, Nancy Muni, Tyler Lescord


Mini Stocks: Jarod Soucy, Solomon Brow, Eric Pomasko, Matt Kimball, Cole Littlewood, Kevin McKnight, Mike McGoldrick, Chris Jackman, Ethan Marsh, Julia Raymond, Alex Pearl


Lightning Stocks: Pat Houle, Justin Littlewood, Richard Whipple, Tim Leblanc, Tim Paquette, Dan Starkweather, Mike Stebbins, Hillary Renaud, Steve Fucile, Kris Kristoilaitis, Eric Silvernale


Young Guns – Chase Curtis, Alex Barden, Shelby Avery, Chloe Wright, Nick Peabody, Bella Minchella, Jaret Curtis (DNS – Devin Guy & Kevin Pittsinger)


Photo Credit:  New England Graphix

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