CARS Tour held its annual Media Day Wednesday night at SRI Performance in Mooresville, North Carolina.  With many drivers and teams in attendance, Director of Operations Chris Ragle announced a handful of procedural changes and improvements that the tour, which features Late Model Stock Cars and Super Late Models, will make in 2016.


graphic 51 tv rattler 2016Among those changes is the addition of a competition committee that will review all competitive aspects of the tour to ensure a fair and level playing field for all teams.  The committee will consist of 8 to 10 people – including both owners, drivers and crew chiefs – that will oversee the competitive side of the tour.


Ragle announced some of those who have already been named to the committee, but also stated that the series is in contact with another potential member as well.  Those already named to the committee include Super Late Model car owners Gary Crooks and Dennis Setzer, Late Model Stock Car owner Lee McCall, Late Model Stock Car driver Deac McCaskil and more.


Another addition to the CARS Tour in 2016 will be a “top notch” timing and scoring system.  Ragle said Wednesday that the series purchased the system to alleviate scoring issues that the series experienced during its first season.


The previous scoring system the series used was the same system that series officials used during the end of its X-1R Pro Cup days when under 15 cars entered each race.  An increase to 25-30 cars at most events in 2015 threw the system for a loop at times and did result in a few scoring issues last season.


Ragle also mentioned a few changes to the rulebook and the cars themselves Wednesday night, most notably the addition of mandatory fuel shut offs.  The new rule was created in order to increase the safety for all drivers and drastically lower the chances of race cars being destroyed by fire.


In another effort to make things safer for racers and teams, CARS Tour also announced that, according to recent insurance meetings, each team should have a fire extinguisher in their pit stalls during events.


On the Super Late Model side of the tour, Ragle mentioned that the tour is working with other sanctioning bodies like the Southern Super Series, CRA and ARCA Midwest Tour to establish unified rules.  He said he believes that Super Late Model racing is the most unified it has ever been and because of that it makes it easier for racers to go from one series to another without making a lot of changes. will have more information from CARS Tour Media Day including stories previewing the upcoming season in the coming weeks.


-By Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

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CARS Tour Reveals Changes, Additions at Annual Media Day