CARS Tour Event at Rockingham Postponed Due to Tire Shortage

It is with great disappointment, that due to the ongoing Hoosier racing tire shortage, we announce the postponement of the Race the Rock 125 scheduled for Saturday, November 6th, 2021.


The effort that has gone into putting this race together, by all involved, is monumental.  From the ownership, management, and entire staff of Rockingham Speedway, CARS Tour Series management and staff, promoters Charlie Hansen and Mike Stodder, many other volunteers involved, and especially the fans, this is a definite kick in the gut.


As many of you know, because of the pandemic, there is a serious issue with race tire supply that has been on-going for quite some time.  We were hoping to get ahead of the curve for this event, but in the end, Hoosier simply did not have the required staff or materials to make it happen.


With that said, we want to thank the sponsors involved for stepping up and supporting racing at Rockingham., and the Leith Family of dealerships, was the first to sign on and we are extremely grateful for their support.  Solid Rock Carriers and Accent Imaging both stepped up to help bring racing back to The Rock as well.  Again, the effort that as gone on by all involved is admirable.


For those who have pre-purchased tickets for admission or for camping at, your orders will be refunded 100% within the next several days.


Our plan moving forward is to closely evaluate the tire situation after the first of the year before consideration of rescheduling another event.  The effort put in by the speedway has been nothing short of amazing.  Please keep in mind that The Rockingham Speedway has many other events ongoing at the facility that are not affected by this tire issue.  Take a minute to look over their online schedule at and visit them for an upcoming event.  You will be impressed with what you see!


In closing, this is unfortunately a sign of the times.  It would be easy to point blame here or there, but the fact is, we are extremely proud of the effort that has gone on to bring racing back to The Rock.  This is a bump in the road.  The track and facilities are race ready.  Thunder Alley will soon roar again!


-Rockingham Speedway Press Release

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo

CARS Tour Event at Rockingham Postponed Due to Tire Shortage