Capture Data Wirelessly With New Penske Racing Shocks Technology

Penske Racing Shocks is an industry leader in shock technology and applications. Formed in 1988 by Team Penske to aid their IndyCar team, PRS has made themselves a force in all forms of racing, including NASCAR, IndyCar, Short Track, and even Motorcycles.


Penske was on hand during the PRI Trade Show to showcase the latest technology they have to offer, thanks in part to a new partnership formed that now allows teams to set up shocks and acquire data wirelessly.


“We partnered with a company that specializes in wireless Bluetooth sensors,” said Director of Operations Aaron Lambert. “It might take a day sometimes to wire up an entire car with sensors on it. What this company did, they used wireless Bluetooth. You can use your smartphone, and you can run shock potentiometers.”


With a new age of information and technology approaching the short track racing world, Penske is making sure they are at the forefront of the movement.


“Data’s becoming more and more popular in all forms of racing. We deal with NASCAR teams, with IndyCar teams, a lot of engineering goes into it but it’s all about capturing that data,” he said. “Dirt Late Models, Dirt Modifieds, it’s always been a guess. Everybody’s starting to smash brains, it’s all about travel, it’s all about shocks, spring load, a lot of it is guess work right now.”


To learn more about this new technology and what it can do for short track racers, watch our free Penske Racing Shocks video from the PRI Show.


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-Story by: Koty Geyer, State Editor (IN/MI) – Twitter: @kgeyer3
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Capture Data Wirelessly With New Penske Racing Shocks Technology