The 2016 racing season is just around the corner and Capitol Renegade and The Central PA 358 Point Series have teamed up to bring the teams of the 358 division and the fans something that has never been done before: eight races at all four local race tracks that host the 358 division with $3,600 on the line for the race teams, as well as special rewards from series sponsor Capitol Renegade.


The Capitol Renegade King of the 358’s presented by The Central PA 358 Point Series was born out of wanting to see the best all round 358 drivers in Central PA. Wayne Quackenbush the General Manager of Capitol Renegade came up with the idea for the series.


“I really felt like the season long point series really eliminated a lot of drivers,” said Quackenbush.  “Certainly the champs from the last two years deserved the title but how many guys couldn’t compete because of the number of races you have to run? Twenty-five years ago I was one of those guys that could only afford to run 15-18 races. Because of that I also felt like quite a few people lost interest in following the series points. The Summer series Kevin Nouse put on last year seemed to attract more attention. After talking it over with Bill, we came up with the idea of eight races at the four tracks, best all-around driver wins it. You have to run the big track, the little track and the two intermediate tracks that each are unique. If you do that you have earned the right to be named the King of the 358’s. I am really excited to do this, I think it will generate a lot of interest for the 358 racers and I think it opens up the opportunity to everyone”.


For years the 358 division has had drivers at each local track have dominate. Never have we seen what the drivers and race teams could do if they had a major incentive to run at all four race tracks to see who the best driver is. Now with the Capitol Renegade King of the 358’s we will find out. To make this a 1 of a kind series we have come up with a point structure that will be easy to follow for race teams and fans of the series, but we also made it so that to win and be crowned the series champion, you will have to run all eight races at all four race tracks.


The point system will see the winner of the 358 feature receive one point for the win. The 10th place finisher will receive 10 points and last place will receive 24 points. Any driver who races that night but does not qualify for the feature event will receive 25 points, and any driver who skips a race but has points at other races in the series will automatically receive 30 points. Simple as this, lowest point total at the end of the 8 races will be crowned the King of the 358 division.


We came up with a simple and fair way to keep track of the points, but also designed it so that race teams will have incentive to not skip a race at any of the race tracks. We want to make sure that all the teams that do support all four race tracks have the most to gain. This is not only a way to give back to the race teams but also to help out all 4 local race tracks to bring a few extra cars pit side those nights. Teams that might not run at Trail Way Speedway will have a reason to make the trip, and teams who don’t run at Williams Grove now will have a reason to go and try the most historic half mile on the east coast.


The winner of the Capitol Renegade King of the 358’s will receive $2,000 for being crowned the King. To sweeten the pot series sponsor Capitol Renegade will be throwing in huge gift certificates to the drivers who finish in the top 3 of the series. “After really thinking about a way to give back to the drivers, I wanted to see more than one guy have the opportunity to earn some prize money. I also wanted to give out some gift certificates towards the purchase of a trailer from us. The certificates are transferable, so if the guy that wins it doesn’t need a trailer, hopefully he knows someone that does and a little horse trading can take place. Second place in the series will receive $1,200 and 3rd place will receive $600. The champion will receive a crown fitting of being the King of the 358’s. A first for the drivers of the 358 division in Central PA.


The schedule for the Capitol Renegade King of the 358’s presented by Capitol Renegade is as follows…

April 10th Susquehanna Speedway
May 8th Susquehanna Speedway
May 13th Williams Grove Speedway
May 20th Trail Way Speedway
June 4th Lincoln Speedway
July 15th Williams Grove Speedway
August 6th Lincoln Speedway
August 19th Trail Way Speedway


Any business that would like to be part of the Capitol Renegade King of the 358’s presented by the Central PA 358 Point Series can reach Bill McIntyre at [email protected] We would love to add to this already exciting series and make it as big as we can for the 358 race teams.


-Central PA 358 Point Series Press Release. Photo credit: Williams Grove Speedway

Capitol Renegade King of the 358’s Offers Something New