Marc and Jaxson Jacobs are two brothers from London, Ontario, Canada who are looking to grasp their piece of American racing history by making the trip to Bristol Motor Speedway for the Short Track U.S. Nationals.


Like many up and coming racers, the opportunity to run at such a historical track like the Last Great Coliseum was one that the brothers couldn’t pass up.


300x250 Bristol Early Bird“My dad took me to the Sharpie 500 in 2001 and here we are 16 years later with a race car on the track, which is kind of cool. I know Jaxson and I have been to a handful of Bristol races together so to actually be driving a car on the track together is a really unique experience,” eldest brother Marc told


With their JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour experience the brothers have ran at both Salem and Winchester and say that those tracks are the closest thing they can relate to Bristol.


“It’s Bristol. The stands are around it, but it’s not a whole lot different driving on it than Winchester or Salem or anything like that. Just the fact that its Bristol and to be able to say that I have driven here,” said younger brother Jaxson. “Even the whole team and the looks on everyone’s faces when we pulled in was really cool. You don’t get anything like this where, in Canada, where we are from so it was definitely a cool moment.”


The two brothers, along with younger sister Paighton, all compete in Pro Late Models north of the border. They started competing in the Midwest on the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour circuit, which makes for a busy schedule for the Jacobs Racing team with three siblings behind the wheels of Pro Late Models.


“We realized the competition down here is a little more serious than the competition up north so we continued to do that for a few years. Our younger sister Paighton also races a Pro Late Model up in Canada as well so there are three of us racing and the schedule is pretty hectic so we kind of pick and chose, which is why we’re here at Bristol,” Jaxson Jacobs said.


While there will be plenty of competition on-track with close to 100 Pro Late Models entered for the Short Track U.S. Nationals, the biggest competition for the two brothers may be each other.


“We were actually bumper to bumper in testing here and we were told ‘okay back off we don’t need to take out two Jacobs Racing cars here’ but its just a lot of fun and the whole team is family related and all the guys are at the shop 24/7 helping out. We are just a small team from Canada having a lot of fun,” Jaxson explained.


Older Brother Marc had the same mindset.


“The bet right now is to just to load up two clean cars but we will see what happens in two weeks. The goal right now is to just learn and load up two cars to be able to work on them at the shop.”


The two will get back to the high banks of Bristol Motor Speedway for the Short Track U.S Nationals on May 19-21. will be covering the event via a live pay-per-view broadcast for the fellow Canadians who can’t make the trip south. The pay-per-view event is available at an early bird rate by clicking here.

-By Hannah Newhouse, Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit:Thompson Photography

Canadian Brothers Ready to Take on Bristol, Each Other