The inaugural Speed51 Super Select race on September 8 at Indiana’s Lucas Oil Raceway is shaping up to be one of the biggest and most competitive Super Late Model races of the year, and now it’s going to be even more competitive.


Battle Creek, Michigan native, and multi-time Lucas Oil Raceway winner, Brian Campbell has accepted his invitation to race in the Speed51 Super Select.


“We were pretty happy and that’s why it didn’t take us very long to accept it,” Campbell told on Tuesday morning. “I’m excited about it and looking forward to racing all of the different guys that will be joining us at Lucas.”


According to Speed51’s The Third Turn, Campbell has at least seven victories between Super and Pro Late Model events at the famed 0.686-mile oval in Brownsburg, Indiana, a few miles away from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


Campbell said he can trace his success at Lucas Oil Raceway back to a race he ran there almost 15 years ago.


“Years ago when I first started doing this I went there and qualified 18thand drove it up to fifth. I got out of the car. My dad won the race that day. I told my dad that I’d never learned so much in a race car than doing what I just did. I learned everything that I needed to know to go fast there. From then on I’ve driven the track the same. Right, wrong or indifferent I haven’t changed a thing in like 12 or 14 years. That’s what I credit it to. That day I learned so much.”


That level of success at Lucas Oil Raceway should have Campbell as one of the favorites for the win come September, but there’s a chance that Campbell, a mostly regional racer now, may still be overlooked because he doesn’t race outside of the Midwest too frequently.


But whether Campbell is considered a favorite or not isn’t of much concern to him, he said.


“Way back when I used to travel and hop on flights on a Friday after work to who knows where and then be back at work on Monday morning. But that was before family and kids. Now it’s settled down and you just focus on quality, not quantity. We’re having a heck of a lot more fun doing it this way than what we did before. But I’d like to think that when we do show up that we are one of the favorites. We just let the chips fall and let how we do it show for itself.”


Campbell joins drivers like Bubba Pollard, Preston Peltier, Donnie Wilson and Harrison Burton as drivers that have accepted their invitations to compete in the Speed51 Super Select.


Campbell said that accepting the invite was an easy decision to make.


“I think anybody in their mind that lives within four hours would accept an invitation for something like that.”


He said the format and the expected field of drivers he’ll be racing with is what has him excited for the race.


“The race is unique. It’s different. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be the best of the best of the business we’re in that you’re racing against. You hate to compare anything to the Derby, but everybody does. It’s going to be like the Derby. It’s one race. Winner takes all. It’s going to be fun.”


Throughout the 2018 season more drivers will earn invites to the race and have the chance to compete against an all-star field.


The Speed51 Super Select will be hosted by Track Enterprises and sanctioned by the Champion Racing Association (CRA).  A pair of features will be contested that evening, one for the Super Late Models and a 100-lap race for the USAC Silver Crown Series.  The winner of the Super Late Model race will have a chance to win at least $10,000.


There will also be a 50-lap Super Late Model race that will be open to all drivers to compete in.  That race will transfer more drivers into the Super Select field.


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-By Rob Blount, Associate Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

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Campbell Accepts Invite to Compete in Speed51 Super Select