By the Numbers: ValleyStar Credit Union 300

Today, the richest and most prestigious race in Late Model Stock Car racing takes place, as drivers will compete for $32,000 and the coveted grandfather clock at Martinsville Speedway (VA) in the ValleyStar Credit Union 300.  To get you prepared for today’s event, “Stat Boy” Elgin Traylor provides our By the Numbers preview of the race.


0: There will be zero stats recorded for Late Model Stock legend Philip Morris who will sit the race out this year.  The three-time former winner has 20 starts in the race.


0: JR Motorsports has zero career wins at Martinsville, but this might be the best combination of drivers they have ever had at the paperclip.  Josh Berry, the CARS Tour all-time winner is still seeking that clock and Super Late Model ace Bubba Pollard is back to finish what was nearly a victory a year ago in his first Late Model Stock race, as he was leading on a restart when things went crazy in the south turn.


3: In three previous runnings of the Martinsville 300, Justin Carroll, the one from North Carolina, has three top 10 runs and has completed all the laps.


3: Last year, the race was extended by three green-white-checkered finishes.  Race officials and drivers alike hope this year’s new format will alleviate a repeat of last year’s wild conclusion.


9: Timothy Peters has nine top 10 runs in 16 starts at Martinsville including two wins.


12: It was lucky start number 12 for CE Falk, who hung on and won a wild race a year ago.


13: Tommy Lemons, Jr. is set to make his 13th start in the Martinsville race this weekend. Lemons is a two-time winner.


80: A total of 80 cars took part in practice last week.


122: By our unofficial records the highest amount of cars that we can confirm was 122 in 1999.  It would be totally awesome if that number was reached this weekend, but the heat races would be nasty


200: The 300 laps comes from a 200-lap main event and two heat races that will help set the field. Single-car qualifying locked in the top 20 drivers Friday night, with Josh Berry taking the pole.


Oh The Money! 


$25: The leader of each lap will get $25. Thats a total of $5,000 in lap money.


$1,000: Leaders at lap 75 and lap 150 will get an additional $1,000


$5,000: Fast time on Friday night was worth $5,000, which is as much as win at this level.


$7,000: The winner of the Virginia Triple Crown bonus will get $7,000, second gets $2,000 and third $1,000.  Right now here are the top 10 in those standings.


Peyton Sellers 2.5

Lee Pulliam 4

Timothy Peters 7.5

Mike Looney 8

Brenden Queen 9

Terry Carroll 10

Trey Crews 10.5

Tyler Hughes 11

Thomas Scott 12

Brandon Pierce 13


$32,000: The money just got better this year as the winners cut with the clock is a cool $32,000 up seven thousand from years past.


Past Winners 


2018 CE Falk

2017 Timothy Peters (2)

2016 Mike Looney

2015 Tommy Lemons Jr. (2)

2014 Lee Pulliam (2)

2013 Tommy Lemons Jr.

2012 Philip Morris (3)

2011 Lee Pulliam

2010 Philip Morris (2)

2009 Jake Crum

2008 Jason York

2007 Dennis Setzer

2006 Alex Yontz

2005 Timothy Peters

2004 Tony McGuire (2)

2003 Jamey Caudill

2002 Frank Deiny, Jr.

2001 Phil Warren

2000 Philip Morris

1999 Robert Powell

1998 Dexter Canipe

1997 Billy Hogan

1996 B.A. Wilson

1995 Tony McGuire


-Story by: Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: photo

By the Numbers: ValleyStar Credit Union 300