Two divisions of Modifieds, the Tour-Type Modifieds and Florida/IMCA Modifieds, will join the full-bodied Late Models during the 50th annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway (FL).  Before the racing gets underway this Friday night,’s resident “Stat Boy” Elgin Traylor gives you look at the history of the two divisions “by the numbers.”


6 – Ryan Preece will be back to defend his Tour-Type Modified title after scoring four wins a year ago on his way to the overall title. Preece turned the corner in 2015 and completely took apart the field to post wins after an opening night disqualification.


graphic smyrna world series7 – The Florida/IMCA Modifieds will race for a total of seven nights at the World Series this year. This is the second year in a row that they will run seven times. They had not run this many races in several years.


42 – Jerry Symons has won 42 times in the Florida Modified ranks during the World series according to our records. The five-time champion may have more as we continue to chase down missing history from New Smyrna Speedway’s past.


43 – Ted Christopher’s win total in Tour-Type Modifieds. “TC” won races in the SK Modified races, as well as in the Super Late Model ranks. Christopher is one of the most decorated drivers to have race at New Smyrna’s World Series. He has 10 total championships with nine in the Tour-Type Modified class. TC won three in a row and four in a row during his years of racing at New Smyrna Speedway. He also won a SK title with his brother in 1991.


66 – The car number of Jerry Symons who is basically the king of the Florida Modifieds at New Smyrna. Fresh off a season-long track championship last year, Symons is poised to return to victory lane if not win the whole thing.  In 2015, Symons did not win at the World Series for the first time since 2008.


75: Florida Modifieds will go 75 laps on Tuesday, February 16. This will be their biggest race, but not there last.


76: The Tour-Type Mods will go 76 laps on Wednesday night in the annual John Blewett III Memorial event. Blewett was a three time winner at the World Series.  His brother Jimmy previously won titles in both the Tour-Type Modified and SK Modified divisions.


51% – That was the winning percentage of Richie Evans at the Smyrna World Series in the Tour Type Modifieds. Evans ran 76 races and won 39 times. He recorded a total six championships which has only been passed by Ted Christopher who ran much longer.


300 – Unofficially there have been 300 Tour-Type Modified races at New Smyrna. The week ends every year with the historic Richie Evans Memorial 100.


Top-Five Tour Wins
1) Ted Christopher 43
2) Richie Evans 39
3) Reggie Ruggiero 28
4) Rick Fuller 16
5) Tom Baldwin 14


Top-Five Florida Modified Wins
1) Jerry Symons 42
2) Tank Tucker 19
3) Lee Collins 13
4) Jason Boyd 4
5) several with three


Tour-Type Modified Champions

2015 Ryan Preece
2014 Ron Silk
2013 Woody Pitkat
2012 Chuck Hossfeld
2011 Ted Christopher
2010 Ted Christopher
2009 Ted Christopher
2008 Jimmy Blewett
2007 Eric Beers
2006 Andy Seuss
2005 Ted Christopher
2004 Eric Beers
2003 Ted Christopher
2002 Robbie Summers
2001 Ted Christopher
2000 Ted Christopher
1999 Ted Christopher
1998 Ted Christopher
1997 Tom Baldwin
1996 Tom Baldwin
1995 Tim Connolly
1994 Tom Baldwin
1993 Steve Park
1992 Steve Park
1991 Mike Ewanitsko
1990 Tony Jankowiak
1989 Reggie Ruggerio
1988 Tom Baldwin
1987 Reggie Ruggerio
1986 Reggie Ruggerio
1985 Jimmy Spencer
1984 Richie Evans
1983 Richie Evans
1982 Greg Sacks
1981 Richie Evans
1980 Richie Evans
1979 Richie Evans
1978 Ron Bouchard
1977 Richie Evans
1976 Maynard Troyer


Florida Modified Champions

2015 Tim Moore
2014 Todd Stone
2013 Josh Todd
2012 Jerry Symons
2011 Tank Tucker
2010 Tank Tucker
2009 Nick Diano
2008 Tank Tucker
2007 Lee Collins
2006 Tank Tucker
2005 Jerry Artuso
2004 Lee Collins
2003 Jerry Symons
2002 Jerry Symons
2001 Jerry Symons
2000 Billy Mowery
1999 Jerry Symons
1998 Mitch French
1995 Steve Christman


-By Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent – Twitter: @ElginTraylor

-Photo credit: Bruce Nuttleman/

By the Numbers: Tour-Type Mods & FL Mods at Smyrna WS