By the Numbers: Tour-type Modifieds at New Smyrna

The ground will be shaking at New Smyrna Speedway this week as the Tour-type Modifieds compete in five straight nights of racing during the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.  We take a look at the history of the Mighty Modifieds at New Smyrna in this edition of “By the Numbers” on Speed51.


1: In 2019, Matt Hirschman became the first driver to win both the John Blewett Memorial 76 and the Richie Evans Memorial 100 in the same year.


22: It sure is hard to look and not see the No. 22 of Chuck Hossfeld on the entry list for the Tour-Type Modifieds.  Hossfeld was a two-time champion at New Smyrna, but it’s the fact that his streak of 80-straight races has ended.  Prior to Monday night’s opener, he had not missed a race since the final night oft he 2007 World Series.  Although he isn’t driving, Hossfeld was in attendance Monday night at New Smyrna.


36: This year’s event will feature one of the healthiest car counts we have seen in many years as 36 names or teams appeared on the entry list, with 31 taking the green flag Monday night. Former champions, past winners and a healthy dose of newcomers are on the list.


61: With his win on Monday night, Anthony Nocella became the 61st driver to win a Tour-type Modified race during Florida Speedweeks.  Don’t be surprised if we see that number grow over the next four days.


76: On Wednesday the Tour-type Modifieds will run the annual 76-lap feature to honor John Blewett III. You can find a list of former race winners below.  Ron Silk, Eric Goodale and Matt Hirschman have all won the race twice.  Both Goodale and Hirschman will look to become the first three-time winner on Wednesday night. 


John Blewett III Memorial 76 Winners 

2019 Matt Hirschman

2018 Matt Hirschman

2017 Ryan Preece

2016 Eric Goodale

2015 Eric Goodale

2014 Ron Silk

2013 Woody Pitkat

2012 Rain

2011 Earl Paules

2010 Ted Christopher

2009 Ron Silk

2008 Jimmy Blewett


100: The prestige of the Richie Evans Memorial can’t be overstated.  The final night of the Modified week is the annual Richie Evans race. Evans was a master in a Modified and a king at New Smyrna in February.  Having won over 50% of his races, we think that it’s safe to say that no one will ever be like him in any level of short track racing.


Richie Evans Memorial Winners

2019 Matt Hirschman (3)

2018 Ryan Preece (3)

2017 Matt Hirschman (2)

2016 Ryan Preece (2)

2015 Ryan Preece

2014 Justin Bonsignore

2013 Ron Silk

2012 Eric Goodale

2011 Ted Christopher (5)

2010 Matt Hirschman

2009 Ted Christopher (4)

2008 Eric Bears

2007 Jimmy Blewett (2)

2006 Jimmy Blewett

2005 Donny Lia

2004 John Blewett

2003 Tim Arre

2002 Robbie Summers

2001 Jamie Tomaino

2000 Ted Christopher (3)

1999 Dave Berghman

1998 Jan Leaty

1997 Ted Christopher (2)

1996 Rick Fuller (2)

1995 Steve Park (2)

1994 Ted Christopher

1993 Steve Park

1992 Rick Fuller

1991 Mike Ewanitsko

1990 Jay Hedgecock

1989 Tom Baldwin

1988 Tony Jankowiak

1987 Jimmy Spencer

1986 Mike Casterline


Double Digit Winners in Tour-Type Modifieds

Ted Christopher 43

Richie Evans 39

Reggie Ruggiero 28

Rick Fuller 16

Tom Baldwin 14

Chuck Hossfeld 12

Ryan Preece 11


Past Tour-type Modified Champions 

2019 Chuck Hossfled

2018 Matt Hirschman

2017 Ryan Preece

2016 Ryan Preece

2015 Ryan Preece

2014 Ron Silk

2013 Woody Pitkat

2012 Chuck Hossfeld

2011 Ted Christopher

2010 Ted Christopher

2009 Ted Christopher

2008 Jimmy Blewett

2007 Eric Beers

2006 Andy Seuss

2005 Ted Christopher

2004 Eric Beers

2003 Ted Christopher

2002 Robbie Summers

2001 Ted Christopher

2000 Ted Christopher

1999 Ted Christopher

1998 Ted Christopher

1997 Tom Baldwin

1996 Tom Baldwin

1995 Tim Connolly

1994 Tom Baldwin

1993 Steve Park

1992 Steve Park

1991 Mike Ewanitsko

1990 Tony Jankowiak

1989 Reggie Ruggerio

1988 Tom Baldwin

1987 Reggie Ruggerio

1986 Reggie Ruggerio

1985 Jimmy Spencer

1984 Richie Evans

1983 Richie Evans

1982 Greg Sacks

1981 Richie Evans

1980 Richie Evans

1979 Richie Evans

1978 Ron Bouchard

1977 Richie Evans

1976 Maynard Troyer


-Story by: Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: Speed51

By the Numbers: Tour-type Modifieds at New Smyrna